How does it work?
Doctors Network is an organization of physicians and dentists who are dedicated to offering high-quality care directly to their patients without relying on insurance companies. Signing up is a breeze, and you won’t be denied due to any pre-existing conditions. You can choose any physician or dentist in the network based on location, therapeutic specialty, and verified patient reviews.
Doctors set their own highly competitive monthly fees, although the cost for each service and treatment you receive is based on a fee schedule set by Doctors Network. The treatment fee schedule does not vary, so you won’t be surprised by unexpected expenses and you can more accurately plan the costs of ongoing care. In most cases, fees are considerably less than the copays and deductibles set by insurance companies, and are far more affordable than paying medical costs out of pocket.
What is the cost of being in Doctors Network?
Doctors within Doctors Network set their own reasonable monthly fees, and Doctors Network charges only $4.99 a month for services provided by the network plus a one-time activation fee. For example, if your doctor’s monthly fee is $25, then activation and the monthly fees afterward will cost only $29.99.
How much does an office visit cost within Doctors Network?
Examinations and annual checkups cost only $25 per visit with a physician in Doctors Network. Dental checkups, including X-rays and bi-annual cleanings, also cost only $25 per visit. If you require more than just a checkup, then refer to our full Dental Fee Schedule, Primary Care Fee Schedule, and Pediatric Primary Care Fee Schedule for more detailed lists of treatments and costs.
Do I need to commit to a term contract?
Doctors Network is meant to be a life-long solution for patients to receive ongoing, quality medical and dental treatment. However, there is no contract or minimum length of term, and you are free to join and leave the plan at any time.
Can I participate with Doctors Network if I have insurance?
Doctors Network is an essential resource for patients without insurance, but even those with coverage can benefit greatly from the network’s affordable medical and dental plans. Some treatments are not covered by insurance, such as elective procedures and cosmetic treatments, while others may include hefty copays and deductibles that render insurance coverage almost obsolete. Doctors Network covers almost all procedures that your doctor and dentist perform, and can provide invaluable solutions to covering gaps in your existing insurance coverage.
Can I change doctors?
You can freely switch to another doctor or dentist within the network, or cancel your membership entirely if you are unsatisfied with your experience. Any changes made by the 15th day of the month will take effect at the beginning of the next month. Changes made after the 15th will take effect the month following the next month.
What if my doctor is not on Doctors Network?
With the ability to set their own subscription fees, more and more providers are becoming a part of Doctors Network, and becoming a participating provider is extremely easy. It’s also free for providers to participate, so if your doctor or dentist is not already in the network, then ask him or her to contact us about joining, or email us at info@doctorsnetwork.com with your doctor’s contact information, and we will have a representative reach out as soon as possible.
What's the catch?
There is no catch; it's a win-win situation. Our core goals are to make quality medical and dental care affordable while bringing together physicians and dentists who share a commitment to improving their patients’ quality of life. Doctors Network is designed to effectively achieve both.
Who do I contact if I still have questions about Doctors Network?
Contact one of our representatives during business hours at 1-866-800-3168, or email us anytime at support@doctorsnetwork.com for more information.