Find dentists and doctors who provide their own Dental or Primary Care plans directly to businesses and individuals

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Doctors Network is not insurance.

It's so simple!

You get your healthcare from your doctors, why shouldn't you get your healthcare plans from them?
Doctors Network is a network of doctors and dentists who provide a new kind of healthcare plan to their patients. This new plan is provided without involvement of an insurance company and is set by your doctors.

It's so affordable!

For a low monthly fee set by your doctors, you get access to your dental and health care needs at a very low rate. Because these plans are formed by your dentists and doctors without the involvement of a third party insurance company, they are very cost effective while providing you with the quality of care you deserve. Sign up today and pay only $25 for your dental check ups and cleanings or your annual check-ups, and pay less than you would with an insurance plan for other major procedures.

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