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Mark Kholdarov, DDS
specialty: Dentist
subscription: $44.98/month
ages treated: 16 - 100
28-06 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11103
Dentist Mark Kholdarov, DDS, Astoria NY, practices a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry with expertise ranging from porcelain veneers to dental implants, crowns and bridges. Dr. Kholdarov can now correct a wide variety of so-called permanent cosmetic dental problems, and can literally redesign your smile. For more information please visit
Reviews (53)
Joyce C.
No one really feels happy about going to the dentist. I definitely didn’t, but going to Advanced Dental Concepts changed me mind. I have had really bad experiences with my teeth, and when I’ve gone to other dentists for help, I was treated poorly and made to feel ashamed. However, Dr. Kholdarov was different. He was incredibly caring and professional. Plus, he has a gentle touch. My HMO dental insurance is awful, and DR. is not in-network, but I also have a Health Savings Account and a Flexible Spending Account. I definitely don’t mind using my HSA and FSA so that I can continue to go to Advanced Dental Concepts because the quality of the care is worth the extra cost. That being said, the prices were reasonable. Once anxious about dental care, I’m now a lifelong patient of Advanced Dental Concepts.
Jennifer R.
Advanced Dental Concepts is a great place with great people. You can trust Dr. Kholdarov's knowledge. He tries to get to know all of his patients. I was intimidated at first, but I’m glad I was referred to Advanced Dental Concepts. The employees were really on their A-game. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Concepts in Astoria, NY.
Brad A.
I decided to go to Advanced Dental Concepts because it was conveniently located. Turns out, it was a great choice because the staff is incredibly friendly and makes you feel as though you are family. I really liked getting appointment reminders to my email or through text. I’m a bit forgetful, so this really helped. The staff also makes every effort to make you feel comfortable. I don’t really like going to the dentist, but if I have to go, I want to go to a place that treats me like adopted family. I look forward to going back to Advanced Dental Concepts.
Michele M.
Advanced Dental Concepts has a great team of professionals; they are knowledgeable and thorough. Plus, they have very comprehensive services. Being in my 20s, it’s nice to have affordable, quality dental care, including services such as new retainers and teeth whitening. It’s easy to schedule an appointment because they are so flexible. The paperwork is straightforward.
Jessica P.
I’d only been in Astoria, NY for a couple months before chipping a tooth one night. I called Advanced Dental Concepts at 7 a.m. the next morning, and they were able to schedule me for an appointment that same day. Dr. Kholdarov was kind and compassionate. He had to fill a good portion of my front tooth. After attempting it once, he took a little extra time to reshape it because he wasn’t 100% satisfied. It looks perfect! I really appreciated the fact that he took his time, even though he worked me in with little notice. I don’t have dental insurance, but the prices were fair, considering all he did for me. After the “first timer” discount, I only had to pay $350. I will definitely be a regular patient here.
Kelli S.
Advanced Dental Concepts is the best dental office in Astoria, NY. I had a dental emergency, and they were able to get me in quickly, which was great. I was a new patient, but I didn’t feel like one. I didn’t feel like I was being asked too many questions. They were incredibly professional and even fun at times. They use technology to communicate frequently. The best part, though, was that they actually take you back to the dental chair on time and a quick yet thorough. Advanced Dental Concepts is the best dental office I’ve ever been to. So much though that I decided to change my insurance plan so I can continue to go there.
Mark M.
I visited Advanced Dental Concepts for the first time and really enjoyed it. Everyone was kind and took great care of me. Dr. Kholdarov explained everything very thoroughly. He told me which treatments I needed and which ones I could put off. I have another appointment next week. I’m looking forward to it; I know they’ll take equally as good care of me. I highly recommend Dr. Kholdarov.
Nicole C.
I adore Advanced Dental Concepts. Thanks to my positive experience here,I will never go anywhere else. The office was clean, and the staff was kind and gentle. I have severe anxiety about going to the dentist, so it was very important for me to be treated so well. Going to Advanced Dental Concepts has changed my perspective for the better. Thank you Advanced Dental Concepts I highly recommend this clinic. Note: this review is my opinion. I wasn’t paid to write it.
Lori B.
I needed to find a new dentist when I moved to the Astoria, NY area. The Advanced Dental Concepts was exactly what I had in mind. The staff was incredibly professional and kind. I needed a new night guard, and they took impressions right away. I can get it as soon as it comes back from the lab. Dr. Kholdarov really took his time to listen to my concerns. He didn’t try to pressure me into getting unnecessary, pricey products or services I didn’t need. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Concepts.
Dani C.
I’ve been a patient at Advanced Dental Concepts for nearly 2 years, and I won’t go to another dental office. The staff is very professional and kind. Most importantly, the receptionist is top notch. They have helped me immensely every visit. Finding a good dental office in Astoria, NY isn’t easy, but I highly recommend Advanced Dental Concepts.
An H.
The staff was wonderful, and the office was very tidy and organized. I went in today to get X-rays done and a teeth cleaning. I’ll be going back next week. I’m usually nervous when I go to the dentist, but the staff was phenomenal. The hygienist helped keep me calm and told me everything that was happening throughout the entire process. I enjoyed having a thorough cleaning. Thanks Advanced Dental Concepts for taking such fantastic care of me. See you soon!
Skip P.
My filling fell out yesterday, so I was so thrilled Advanced Dental Concepts was able to schedule me for an appointment so quickly. I’d had that filling for many years and the tooth beneath it had decayed. Thankfully, I was able to get the procedure done in a timely manner. I normally hate needles, but thanks to Dr. Kholdarov didn’t feel any pain when receiving the numbing shot. The porcelain filling looks great. The experience couldn’t have been better.
Amy L.
Dr. Kholdarov at Advanced Dental Concepts is incredible. My husband and I moved here from out-of-town and didn’t know where to go for our routine dental cleanings. We’re so glad we chose Advanced Dental Concepts. The whole staff is attentive and inviting, and Dr. Kholdarov is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. We will definitely be coming here for all our dental needs.
Kylie T.
Dr. Kholdarov of Advanced Dental Concepts and his staff are amazing. They really listen to your questions and concerns without pressuring you to pay for costly, unnecessary procedures that you don’t want. It’s a nice change from the other dentist I used here in Astoria.
Alexandra L.
I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I’m delighted to find that the positive reviews about Dr. Kholdarov of Advanced Dental Concepts were true. I’ve been to a considerable number of dentists in my lifetime. Dr. Kholdarov really cares about his craft and doesn’t accept anything that isn’t perfect. She checked on me frequently to make sure the bite surfaces were correct. I’m so pleased to receive such thorough care. I’ll be going to Advanced Dental Concepts as long as I live in Astoria.
Ben H.
If you don’t want to be anxious about going to the dentist, go see Dr. Kholdarov of Advanced Dental Concepts. They are simply the best. Dr. Kholdarov did my smile makeover, which included complete contouring of my gums and working closely with her lab. He had done 6 upper cosmetic veneers 4 years earlier. I do have to wear a night guard to protect them, but it is so worth keeping this smile intact. The results were incredible. Dr. Kholdarov is highly skilled and gentle. People compliment me on my smile all the time.
Michael E.
I recently moved to Astoria and was referred to Advanced Dental Concepts for a root canal. I was able to get an appointment the next day, but I already had plans, so I opted to wait a week. The entire office staff was welcoming and friendly. Dr. Mark Kholdarov and his assistant did a great job. I had two root canals prior to moving to Astoria, and this experience was the best hands down.
Douglas A.
I’ve been to Advanced Dental Concepts many times and have had several tooth extractions, one filling, a cleaning, a top bridge model, try-ins, and will be getting a bottom bridge in the future. I have been very pleased with the quality of the service I received. The receptionist is very approachable, and it is very to schedule upcoming appointments. The reminders help you not forget appointments. I’m normally hesitant to go to the dentist and get a filling or have a tooth pulled, but I have been pleasantly surprised about the quality. I appreciate the effort it took to make this a painless experience. Thanks!
Alexa P.
I couldn’t be more impressed with Dr. Kholdarov and his staff. The receptionist was incredibly kind and does her got at a highly-skilled level. Dr. Kholdarov is very knowledgeable and cares about his patients. The whole staff at Advanced Dental Concepts is really good at their jobs. I live in outside of Astoria and will be traveling the extra distance to keep going to this dental practice; it’s just that good. They do all the work in one day. I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait until my next visit. My teeth look amazing!
Curley M.
I needed treatment while visiting Astoria from out of town, and Advanced Dental Concepts was able to schedule my appointment very quickly. I expected both pain and a huge bill, but I didn’t experience either. In fact, Dr. Kholdarov was so skilled with a needle that I didn’t experience any pain at all from any of the injections or during any of the procedures. I’m very grateful for the emergency dental care I received and would highly recommend this practice.
Elizabeth D.
While visiting Astoria, NY, I fell and injured three of my front teeth. I even broke one. To make matters worse, it was the end of a workday. However, Dr. Kholdarov and his staff at Advanced Dental Concepts stay open past their normal hours of operation so I could receive treatment. They were so kind. Dr. Kholdarov treating my injuries very thoroughly and gently. He took X-rays and then explained my treatment options for my specific injury, and told me what to expect to later treatments. I greatly appreciate his punctual care and informative assessment. It reassured me and was very helpful for my hometown dentist. I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Jackie R.
The hygienist did a great job cleaning my sensitive teeth. She is highly skilled at her job and is very personable. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kholdarov of Advanced Dental Concepts for many years and have always had a great experience. Dr. Kholdarov is very thorough, which I appreciate. What a great staff! Thanks!
Rich P.
While on vacation in Astoria, NY, my son broke one of his front teeth. We called Advanced Dental Concepts, and they were able to schedule an appointment for him in between existing appointments. The staff was great. They knew we were stressed and were very kind and gentle. Dr. Kholdarov made sure that my son knew everything that was going to happen before it happened, which really put him at ease. He also made sure we were aware of all treatment options.
Amy N.
I had an emergency yesterday; my gold filling fell out. I was so glad Advanced Dental Concepts was able to schedule me for a visit so quickly. I’d had that filling for 40 years, so unfortunately, there was some tooth decay underneath it, which meant it wasn’t able to be glued back in. However, due to my tight schedule, I couldn’t have the correct procedure done that day. Luckily, I was able to come in early this morning. Personally, I hate needles, but Dr. Kholdarov‘s technique was so good that I didn’t feel any pain when receiving the shot. It was the best. I didn’t feel a thing. The porcelain filling looks great. It should last another 40 years, probably more!
Joel G.
My 16-year-old son needed his wisdom teeth removed. We chose to go to Dr. Kholdarov of Advanced Dental Concepts. After 3 days, the swelling was gone; all he needed was over-the-counter medication. Dr. Kholdarov even personally followed up with us on the night of the surgery. Incredible!
Marci A.
I went to see Dr. Kholdarov of Advanced Dental Concepts about a tooth that would need to be extracted eventually. (I’ve had multiple previous dentists tell me I’d need an extraction at some point.) He took a cone beam CT scan to see the bone levels near the roots, and after careful, examination, decided an implant wasn’t needed; it wasn’t bad enough for an extraction. I was relieved that I would be able to prolong surgery a little longer. Dr. Kholdarov did a wonderful job. When I do finally need an implant, I’ll definitely be returning to Dr. Kholdarov for the procedure.
Steffi L.
I was visiting Astoria and lost a crown. It was my three front teeth, so I desperately needed a dentist. I called a company that made partial bridges, and they recommended Dr. Kholdarov. He was outstanding. He was able to replace my bridge without it affecting any of my other teeth. He is very conservative (doesn’t doing unnecessary procedures) and incredibly knowledgeable. He has good ethics, which are rare these days. The staff was also excellent. I can’t recommend Advanced Dental Concepts enough!
Erich B.
I have been to many dentists in my lifetime, but Advanced Dental Concepts is my favorite. The staff is great, very friendly and professional. I’ve had quite a bit of work done at Advanced Dental Concepts since January, and I’ve never had to wait past my appointment time. Dr. Kholdarov sincerely listened to my concerns. I have supreme confidence in his work. Advanced Dental Concepts in Astoria, NY gave me my smile back!
George S.
I was so pleasantly surprised with the thorough exam I received from Dr. Kholdarov at Advanced Dental Concepts. Hands down, it was the most comprehensive dental exam I have ever received. After the exam, Dr. Kholdarov informed me of all the treatment options without pressuring me to get optional cosmetic procedures. I even received a thank you card in the mail, thanking me for being a new patient. My second experience was equally as good. They replaced a couple old fillings, and I didn’t feel any pain during the numbing process. The staff was very nice and professional. They even called me to follow-up about my visit. Dr. Kholdarov is amazing, and Advanced Concepts Dental is on their A-game!
Susie O.
No one looks forward to the dentist, even if you’re in pain. I’ve so glad I went to Advanced Dental Concepts. Their staff is patient, professional, and kind. Just a day after having Dr. Kholdarov extract a molar, I can chew solid food without any pain. Thank you, Dr. Kholdarov and staff for providing such wonderful dental care!
Alex F.
I’ve never felt more comfortable at a dentist’s office than I have at Advanced Dental Concepts. I’ll be forever grateful for the experience I had. I came to get more information about Invisalign and had images taken of my teeth. Dr. Mark Kholdarov was great. Even though I won’t be beginning my treatment right away, I will definitely be coming to Advanced Dental Concepts when the time is right for my Invisalign. I’m so thankful for such a great dentist in Astoria, NY.
Alexis B.
I had a great experience at Advanced Concepts Dental in Astoria, NY. I was worried I had a loose cavity because it felt uncomfortable. Thankfully, I was able to schedule an appointment immediately for the next day. I’m a student, so it was nice to get an appointment that fit my schedule. Plus, now I don’t have to try to study while in pain. Dr. Kholdarov was excellent. He fixed my cavity, and now I’m pain-free. Thank you! He solved the problem without having to refill the cavity and accommodated a same-day teeth cleaning. The hygienist was with another patient, so he performed the cleaning himself. I can’t want to come back again to see Dr. Kholdarov.
Payam Ali K.
I just had my teeth check and cleaned at Advanced Dental Concepts. I highly recommend Dr. Kholdarov. He and his hygienist are the best I’ve ever met. The office was comfortable and very clean. The staff was punctual, and the office is conveniently located. Their top-rate technology made the X-rays process easier and painless--much better than anything I had experienced in the past. Advanced Dental Concepts deserves two thumbs way up.
Michelle C.
I decided to go to Dr. Kholdarov because of all the positive online reviews. I just recently moved to Astoria, NY and found Advanced Dental Concepts easy to get to. The receptionist was very friendly as was Dr. Kholdarov. I felt very welcome. He even shook my hand; something that has never happened to me before as a new patient. Plus, I didn’t have to wait very long for my appointment. I had a crown fall out, and I needed immediate work. They took an x-ray, and then Dr. Kholdarov replaced my crown. It took less than 25 minutes. I was so pleased with everything about the experience. My daughter is also a patient at Advanced Dental Concepts, and she loves it here too. I highly recommend Dr. Kholdarov. I can’t wait to come back!
Elizabeth Y.
If you’re a patient at Advanced Dental Concepts, you can expect punctual service, so make sure you get to your appointment on time. The dental hygienist was very helpful and kind throughout my cleaning. Advanced Dental Concepts also has a convenient location for those that live or work in Astoria, NY. They have reasonable prices too. I’ve found my favorite dentist, and I’m staying. The decor is lovely, which gives the whole place a pleasing atmosphere as soon as you enter. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable too.
Susan P.
I’ve been to Advanced Dental Concepts twice: once for a cleaning and once to repair a chipped tooth. I don’t have dental insurance, so I paid in cash. The services were priced very fairly. Advanced Dental Concepts has top-of-the-line equipment and friendly staff. Dr. Kholdarov is great. He isn’t intimidating and does fantastic work. The previous dentist who repaired the tooth tried to convince me I needed a crown. Thankfully, Dr. Kholdarov didn’t try to pressure me into unnecessary services. To top it all off, his work was better than the previous work. Advanced Dental Concepts is a wonderful dentist in Astoria, NY!
Sophie R.
Advanced Concepts Dental is as heavenly as a dentist office can be. I was very nervous at first. Let’s just say, I haven’t been to the dentist in a while. The hygienist did a great job as well. She knew how to make good conversation at all the right times. Dr. Kholdarov is very polite and outgoing. He didn’t scold me for any dental issues. I scheduled a follow-up appointment to touch up a filling. I can’t wait to go back to Advanced Concepts Dental. I will certainly be referring my friends.
Tae K.
Advanced Dental Concepts is a top-of-the-line dentist. I haven’t been to the dentist in 5 years, so I feared the worst, but the new patient process was very easy. The hygienist was very knowledgeable and didn’t hover over me like previous hygienists at other dental clinics had. Advanced Dental Concepts had wonderful technology, and the staff is incredibly talented. I couldn’t wait to refer my friends to Dr. Mark Kholdarov. Advanced Concepts Dental is close to my house. I can’t wait to come back in 6 months. Hopefully, I’ll be cavity-free.
Ashley D.
Dr. Kholdarov is a great dentist with a great staff. I’ve moved around quite a bit in the last 25 years, so I’ve had many dentists. None of the procedures have ever gone particularly well. However, that wasn’t the case this time. Thank you, Dr. Kholdarov. I greatly appreciate the work that you did.
Samuel A.
I’ve never had a great dentist...until now. I’m so pleased I found Dr. Kholdarov and Advanced Dental Concepts in Astoria, NY. The forms and parking were very convenient. I swear I was only waiting in the lobby 30 seconds before the dental hygienist called me back. She was wonderful. She couldn’t have been any friendlier. She checked to make sure I was comfortable multiple times and also gave great tips for home care. She even recommended new products. Dr. Kholdarov was fantastic too! He looked over my x-rays and was very personable. I will be back and would definitely recommend Dr. Kholdarov and Advanced Dental Concepts in Astoria, NY.
Karen L.
I normally don’t post online reviews, but I really wanted to give a shout out to Advanced Dental Concepts. The service and technology were great. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I can’t believe I’m almost actually looking forward to going back to the dentist.
Peter S.
My dental results speak for themselves. Nearly two years ago, I had a tooth that was literally half gone. It had eroded quite extensively. I hadn’t had dental insurance for about 7 years at that point. When I went to the dentist, I was convinced they have to pull it out, but the receptionist was optimistic. Now, about four months later, I have a very natural looking cap that didn’t actually cost me an arm and a leg to get. The Advanced Dental Care office is very comfortable. Everyone deserves a good dentist, and that’s exactly what you’ll find if you see Dr. Kholdarov at Advanced Dental Care in Astoria, New York.
Chadrick J.
Advanced Dental Care is without a doubt a 5-star dental office. Dr. Kholdarov and his staff are great. They schedule appointments very quickly, and they provided multiple appointment reminders. The office is very clean and comfortable, with pleasant music in playing in the background at a reasonable volume. They accommodate many dental plans. I haven’t had a single bad experience, and I’ve been going here for years.
Vivian C.
I hadn’t been to the dentist in awhile, so I had built up plaque. The tech was very sweet and professional. She did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth and knew how to make it a comfortable experience. Dr. Kholdarov was very friendly and efficient. I’m happy to call Advanced Dental Concepts in Astoria, New York, and Dr. Kholdarov my new dental facility. I’m looking forward to going back!
Lisa H.
Dr. Kholdarov is the best dentist I have ever visited. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t dying to get out of there after my first cleaning, which is what I was used to at other dentist offices. The dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth was very skilled; I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort, even with the x-rays when she put the plastic thing between my teeth. She also answered all my questions very patiently. My favorite part was that they didn’t pressure me to get additional services...fluoride, Invisalign, etc. My former dentist used to do that every visit. I appreciate that the folks at Advanced Dental Concepts inform you but don’t force you or pressure you into doing anything. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Concepts to anyone in Astoria, New York who is looking for a great dentist.
Tough C.
I had a pleasant trip to the dentist today. It was nice to get my teeth clean and not feel like I was getting a lecture about the importance of oral health care. The hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth, doing the x-rays, and answering my questions. Dr. Mark Kholdarov reviewed my essays and discussed my concerns with me. The best part was the decor and music. Also, Advanced Dental Concepts is very affordable. They are definitely my top choice for my next visit in six months or a year!
Wayne G.
I’ve been to several dentists, and I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Kholdarov is the best. Not only is he exceptionally compassionate and gentle, he leaves you pain-free. It didn’t even hurt when I got a shot. I didn’t feel anything while he was drilling. Also, his office staff is great. They are very friendly and professional; I’d highly recommend Advanced Dental Concepts in Astoria, NY.
Mel V.
I love Advanced Dental Concepts. The staff is very positive and makes you feel very comfortable. A few years ago, they fixed a tooth that other dental offices had said was unfixable. They didn’t even hesitate to fix it, so I’ve been going here ever since. I had a checkup today and the hygienist was great through the entire process. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Concepts in Astoria, NY.
Thomas D.
Dr. Kholdarov is incredible! The dental practice is very modern. It’s also very easy to schedule an appointment. The receptionists are very friendly. Dr. Kholdarov performed a 1.5 hour tooth removal surgery. He had previously sent me to an endodontist to confirm his diagnosis and get a second opinion. I appreciated that he was willing to be very thorough. Dr. Kholdarov a perfectionist, and I highly recommend him.
Jennifer K.
Dr. Kholdarov is the best dentist I’ve ever been to in my 60 years. He is very compassionate and truly cares about his patients. He has all the latest equipment and manages his time well so that appointments don’t take too long. His medical staff is equally as kind and effective. The office staff is also very pleasant to work with, which helps when dealing with insurance companies. Dr. Mark Kholdarov is one of New York’s finest dentists.
Joseph T.
If you’re afraid of going to the dentist like I was Dr. Khalderov will acknowledge your fear and make sure you are comfortable. This is just one of the reasons Advanced Dental Concepts is the best I’ve ever been to. The office is very soothing and spotless. They use the latest technology, and the staff is very kind and easy to get along with. Thank you for helping me with my fear of dentists, this was the best dental experience ever. My smile looks great, I really appreciate your compassion and gentleness.
Annette F.
My normal dentist in Astoria referred me to Dr. Khalderov. Setting up the appointment was very easy, I filled out the new patient paperwork online. THe staff helped me over the phone and she was very helpful. I made my appointment for the next day. I arrived at the office and the front desk took my information. They have a Keurig in the office which I quite enjoyed. They were playing music in the waiting room, it was Lady Gaga, which I thought was an interesting choice for a dentist office but I didn’t mind it. My wait was very short, the dental hygienist came and got me and did the imaging, which was a very short procedure. I then met with Dr. Khalderov and gave him the CD with the images on it. I wasn’t there for very long, but everyone was very polite. The staff shook my hand and greeted me with a smile. Dr. Khalderov hires high-quality people for his staff.
Shanice T.
I broke a tooth on a Monday night. My birthday was coming up on Tuesday. I was able to get in and had a fixed tooth looking brand new by afternoon. on Tuesday. I can’t even tell the tooth that broke. Dr. Kholdarov is amazing. I recommend him to anyone in the Astoria area. I will be changing my permanent dentist to Dr. Khaldorav’s office at Advanced Dental Concepts.
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Unlike dental insurance, a direct dental plan with Dr. Kholdarov and Doctors Network is a membership that gives you access to significant discounts on almost all of our services. Everyone can join for a low monthly fee of $44.98 and a one-time activation fee of the equal amount. The cost of membership is typically a fraction of most dental insurance premiums.
Patients who sign up for a direct dental plan through our office in Astoria can attend routine preventive exams and cleanings for only $25 per visit. This includes X-rays, when necessary, and the cost does not change no matter how many times you visit per year. When cosmetic or restorative treatment is required, the costs of your treatment will be discounted by up to 90%, including fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, Invisalign® and more.
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* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
Sign Up for a Direct Dental Plan with Dr. Kholdarov
Dr. Kholdarov, our team, and the experts at Doctors Network share the common goal of making dental care simpler, more affordable, and more attainable for all of our patients. Please note that a direct dental plan is not insurance, and is not designed to replace your existing coverage. We offer this direct dental plan to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and therefore maintain your oral health.
If you have questions about Doctors Network, or are ready to sign up, then contact Dr. Kholdarov at Advanced Dental Concepts today, or call Doctors Network at 1-866-800-3168.
doctors network cost
Check-ups, x-rays & Cleanings
$35 - 65
Root Canals
$350 - 500
Dental Implants
$75 - $100
$2000 - 3000
Teeth Whitening
* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
General Dental Care for the Whole Family in Astoria, NY
General dentistry is as important to your smile as good hygiene. For instance, preventive exams and cleanings are necessary to evade oral health issues such as tooth cavities and gum disease. At our Astoria, NY dental office, Dr. Kholdarov and our team offer a variety of general dentistry treatments to help your family enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles.
The Importance of General Dentistry
When it comes to your oral health, prevention is vital. Therefore, the primary focus of exceptional dental care is preventing issues from developing in the first place. Besides practicing good hygiene, professional dental cleanings and exams help stop the accumulation of oral bacteria into plaque and tartar. Other treatments, such as teeth-whitening, clear braces, and treatment for teeth-grinding, can also help you manage existing issues before they grow worse.
Maintaining Good Oral Health in the Long Run
At your general dentistry appointment, your dentist will thoroughly inspect your teeth and oral tissues for signs of trouble. If any are present, then he or she will consult with you about appropriate treatment options to stop the issue from worsening. However, caring for your smile will still rely on routine visits with your general dentist.
Speak with Your Astoria Dentist Today!
With a strong focus on prevention, general dentistry is essential to maintaining your good oral health. To make an appointment, call Dr. Kholdarov's dental office in Astoria, NY today at (718) 932-8880.
For more information please call 1-866-800-3168. Doctors Network is not Insurance, but a dental plan offered by dentists to reduce the cost of dental care for their patients.