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Glenn Amante, DDS
specialty: Dentist
subscription: $34.99/month
ages treated: 0 - 100
4712 Main St
Lisle, IL 60532
Reviews (53)
Michelle P.
If you need an attentive, skilled dentist who actually cares about your dental health, go see Dr. Amante and his awesome staff at Lisle Dental Center! They will make sure you’re taken care of! I love that he patiently explains every procedure so that you know what’s going to happen. He also explains why it’s so important to take care of your oral health. Scheduling an appointment is easy, especially if you live or work right in Lisle, IL. Plus, the office is beautiful and soothing!
Madeline N.
Dr. Amante and his team at Lisle Dental Center are incredible! Dr. Amante listened to all my problems regarding my teeth, and he gave me so many treatment options that no other dentists have given me before. He took a ton of time to explain my treatment plan, which was not something I was used to experiencing at the dentist. The staff is sociable and smart, so I feel confident and relaxed at this dental office. Even though my work schedule is crazy, they’ve been nothing but accommodating and flexible in regards to my appointment times, so I am really grateful for that. Plus, ordering my Invisalign and planning out my cosmetic work has been such an easy, inexpensive process. I didn’t think I had the money to fix my smile until I saw Dr. Amante in Lisle, IL. If you need reasonably priced dental care, a fantastic staff, and a top-notch patient experience, you should come here - they offer all that and then some!
Phil G.
I hadn’t gone to the dentist since I was in high school because I couldn’t afford it while I was going to college. However, I went to Dr. Amante in Lisle, IL after one of his current patients referred me, and I’m so happy he and his amazing staff were the ones who took care of me! I no longer get anxious to go to the dentist like I used to when I was younger. I’ve had two wisdom teeth pulled and a root canal at Lisle Dental Center, all of which were painless! Plus, Dr. Amante and I even graduated from the same college!
Tara M.
I’ve been going to Dr. Amante for years, and I’m so pleased with him and his dental team. Finding a dentist like Dr. Amante is like finding a unicorn. I love that he’s so efficient, confident, and seamless when he’s doing a dental procedure for you. You only achieve that if you have a professional dentist with a great staff. Lisle Dental Center (Lisle, IL) has greatly improved my dental health so that I really only need basic/routine cleanings, xrays, etc. They really care about you and want what’s best for your dental health.
Matthew K.
I heard awesome things about Lisle Dental Center thanks to Doctors Network. My childhood dentist never returned any of my phone calls, so I figured it was time to find a new dentist in Lisle. I made an appointment with Dr. Amante at Lisle Dental Center, but I got sick and had to reschedule. At my appointment, I found Dr. Amante and his staff to be very welcoming. I felt super relaxed, and the procedure they did for me was quick and painless. I can’t wait to come back for my teeth cleaning!
Ruobin W.
In general, I hate dentists, but I love Dr. Amante! In fact, I love Lisle Dental Center so much that even though I moved out of Lisle, IL, I still keep going back for my dental care! I may have to take an extra trip out there to have my dental issue addressed by a dentist that I trust without a doubt. No other dentist I’ve been to has been this great. He is amazing! His work is quick, detailed, and overall excellent - he’s just incredible! Check him out, you’ll love him, too!
Karen D.
My two sons and I have been going to Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL for a few years now. The staff is consistently sweet and always smiling! The hygienists are always detailed and professional. I love Dr. Amante because he’s such a perfectionist and really knows what he’s doing. He also patiently listens and answers all your questions without making you feel rushed. He’s given me a crown and replaced my silver fillings (mercury). He’s one fabulous dentist - highly recommend him and his staff! This is only the second review I’ve ever written, but with all the hard work he’s done for me, it’s the least I can do! Just make sure you don’t miss your appointments because they fill up fast! But they’ll also send you appointment reminders. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, I’ve missed a few appointments, and I felt awful about it. But they have gone above and beyond to accommodate me and my boys.
Marisa D.
Lisle Dental Center is definitely one of the best dentists in Lisle! I just switched over to Dr. Amante because my previous dentist moved away, but thank god he did! From the start, Dr. Amante told me about a few bad habits I had that would have caused big issues down the road if left untreated. So why didn’t any other dentist tell me this?! I’m just thankful because Dr. Amante potentially saved me thousands of dollars in dental work that was preventable by just stopping some bad habits. I feel like I finally found a doctor who cares about his patients, not just about making money. Fair warning: his humor is pretty dry, but he’s a great dentist.
Rory G.
I just had the best experience with my new dentist, Dr. Amante! I hadn’t had a cleaning or check-up in a while, but I needed a new dentist. All the glowing reviews on Doctors Network told me to check out Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL, so I did. I even scheduled my husband an appointment too! The office is close to my work, which is really convenient. Everybody’s so nice. It was the first time I’d ever felt comfortable at a dental office. My exam and check-up were with Dr. Amante, who is such a sweetheart! I guess my teeth weren’t as awful as I originally thought, so that’s awesome. The hygienist who did my cleaning was really lovely and did a fantastic job. Overall, it was an incredible experience - the staff really makes you feel relaxed and you can tell they care about you!
Glenn S.
While traveling to Lisle, IL, I started getting a tooth infection. I read all the great reviews about Lisle Dental Center on Doctors Network, so I decided to give this office a call. They got me in right away, and I’m so happy I chose this clinic! From the front office to the dental nurse to Dr. Amante, everyone was so positive, kind, detailed, and informative. Dr. Amante was very careful not to hurt me as he poked around my infection. After explaining in detail why I was in so much pain, he prescribed me a long-lasting antibiotic. They even sent the X-rays to my dentist back home so that they could pick up where he left off with my treatment. Highly recommend this practice to anyone who lives in the area!
Tom F.
Four visits and nearly $2,000 later, Lisle Dental Center fixed all my teeth! Dr. Amante and his staff are so sweet and inviting. They are actually better at providing excellent customer service than some restaurants I’ve visited! They make me feel so young again! They’ve done a root canal, extraction, crown, and filling for a cavity for me, but they numbed me up really well each time so that I felt no pain. The only pain I ever felt was the needle from the numbing medicine, but Dr. Amante tries to make it as painless as he can. If you live near Lisle, IL, I highly recommend giving this dentist office a shot. Dental work can be really costly, especially if you don’t have dental insurance, but they might be able to work something out with you. Call them today!
Nicole F.
I was living overseas for a year and just returned home to Lisle, IL. I didn’t have insurance, but I got a great deal on x-rays, an exam, and a cleaning at Lisle Dental Center. Booking an appointment was so easy, and the receptionist was very welcoming and helpful. I parked nearby and walked in. The office is really easy to find, and since I was the first patient of the day, they were right on time. Everybody I met was inviting, and the hygienist was caring and made sure I was alright throughout the whole thing. I typically hate doing x-rays because the things they always put in your mouth cut me, but she used smaller ones that fit so much better in my mouth so that I didn’t get cut! There wasn’t anything wrong with my teeth, so I only talked to Dr. Amante briefly. He was very kind, too, though. I’ve only had the one cleaning here, so I’m not sure how everything else is. So far, I love it and will for sure be coming back!
Gina G.
I hate dentist offices with a passion, but Dr. Amante and his assistant were incredible! They filled a few cavities for me, and the novicane shot, which usually hurts, was so easy and painless! I walked out with a huge smile on my face, which is a first for me at a dentist visit! Thank you Lisle Dental Center (Lisle, IL)!
Amanda E.
Like a lot of other people, I was afraid to go to the dentist. I really don’t know Lisle, IL too well, so I wasn’t sure which dentist was the best near me. I called Lisle Dental Center and spoke to the kind, helpful receptionist. In just 10 minutes, she was able to explain my dental insurance coverage, which made me feel at ease. Dr. Amante and his assistants were so sweet and professional. They took excellent care of me as soon as I called, so I’ll tell everyone I know about them! Thanks Lisle Dental Center!
Jeff N.
The staff at Lisle Dental Center is so welcoming, and the office (located in Lisle, IL) is beautiful! If you don’t have dental insurance, they might be able to work something out with you for your cleanings/X-ray. Make sure to ask about any deals they have. If you need a great dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Amante!
Linda P.
First off, let me say that I’m terrified of the dentist, so I hadn’t seen one in about 15 years. However, Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL has completely changed my perspective! Because of how careful, kind, funny, and detail oriented they are, I’ll definitely go back twice a year for my routine cleanings! Plus, they really connect with their patients on a personal level. My hygienists who did my teeth-cleaning and x-rays were great, and they definitely deserve some sort of dentistry award! Towards the end of my appointment, Dr. Amante stopped in to examine my teeth. He was nice, very knowledgeable, and overall incredible. Kudos to everyone who works here! If they aren’t your usual dentist, you need to change that now!
Maria M.
As soon as you set foot in Lisle Dental Center, the staff greets you with a warm smile. They were so attentive, helpful, and competent. I needed an emergency root canal, and they took great care of me. My teeth and gums hurt a lot, but they helped me out so much. Dr. Amante took amazing care of me. He explained the dental procedure and told me when he was injecting my gums with the numbing medicine. I’m so happy I chose to see them. It’s near my job, so it’s super convenient. If you need a dentist in Lisle, IL, this is definitely the office you want to check out!
Melina M.
I finally found the perfect dentist! One visit with Dr. Amante, and I knew he’s the only dentist I ever wanted to see! He’s very friendly, smart, and great at communicating with his patients. Ever since I was very young, I’ve had awful anxiety about going to the dentist, but thanks to Dr. Amante and his staff at Lisle Dental Center (Lisle, IL), I’m no longer scared to go!
Brenda F.
I’ve lived in Lisle, IL for about 20 years, and finally found a great dentist! Dr. Amante at Lisle Dental Center is a perfectionist, very experienced, professional, and a great human being. Plus, his prices are fair! He trained his assistants so well, and everyone works as a team here. I went to them when my front tooth broke. He did a root canal and put in a temporary crown in less than an hour. His temp crown actually looks so much better than any permanent porcelain crown I’ve ever had! I’m still waiting for my permanent crown to come in, but I actually wish I could just use the temporary one! This is now my new dental office, and I’m so amazed by him and his staff! Also, he’s super polite. Highly recommend!
Bailey G.
I went to Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL with my mom for a teeth whitening, and they far exceeded our expectations! The staff was so soothing and gave us so much information about our procedure. We felt really comfortable even though it was our first teeth whitening appointment. Plus, we love the end result! My mom and I both thank you Dr. Amante and staff so so much!
Nicole G.
I scheduled an appointment with Lisle Dental Center, and they were actually able to see me sooner due to a cancellation, which was awesome! The office was nice and clean, and Dr. Amante and his staff were so amicable and helpful. They made me feel so at ease during my dental exam. They were so efficient, and they did my check up and cleaning while maintaining that sweet demeanor. I’m so pleased with this whole experience and will for sure be back for all my dental needs. If you need a check up or other dental work and live in Lisle, IL, check out Lisle Dental Center!
Christina D.
First off, I should tell you that I was nearly terrified of the dentist. My teeth weren’t awful, but because I hadn’t seen the dentist in so long, I was scared to go back. When I finally went in, I had an awful experience (this was another dentist in Lisle). The hygienist ripped apart my gums and then told me that I was too tense, which is why it was painful. I left, explained what I had just gone through, and told them I’d never go there again. So when I stumbled upon Lisle Dental Center, I was really hoping that up until the hygienist started working on my teeth it wouldn’t be nearly as terrible. I must say, she was incredible! I didn’t experience any pain, and (dare I say) I actually had a good time! I mean, whoever says that about the dentist?! Seriously, though, she was so sweet and careful and made great conversation. Dr. Amante saw me at the end to look over my teeth, and he’s just as awesome. Everyone I interacted with there was so kind and treated me like I’d been going there for a long time, not as a first-time patient! I’m so glad I chose them! If you need a new dentist in Lisle, IL, give them a call. You’ll love it here!
Jay M.
Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL has one amazing staff! Dr. Amante and his team are very productive, attentive, and highly skilled. I went to them for a cleaning. I typically hate any sort of dental procedure, but they gave me the best possible experience! The facility is super sanitary and just beautiful. I just wished I had come across them sooner!
Stephanie A.
I’m amazed by Dr. Amante and his staff at Lisle Dental Center (Lisle, IL). I found him on Doctors Network and decided to give him a chance. I haven’t seen a dentist since my old one retired nearly 20 years ago, so my teeth were in bad shape. From the time I walked in the door for my consultation until I left, the staff here was so friendly! Dr. Amante went over my treatment plan, explaining every little detail. (He may even offer payment plans - not sure though!) It really doesn’t get any better than this! Plus, easy parking - high recommendation from me!
Berry B.
It’s been great thus far at Lisle Dental Center of Lisle, IL! I just had my first appointment with Dr. Amante, and from the office staff to the dental hygienist to the dentist himself, everyone was so kind. I typically hate getting a teeth cleaning because my previous dental hygienist was too rough and always hurt me, but the cleaning I got here was stress and pain free! I think I actually enjoy going to the dentist now!
Rebecca K.
My friend recommended Lisle Dental Center, and I’m so happy I listened to her! From the phone call to the appointment, everyone’s so welcoming, which is truly a breath of fresh air. Before I came to this dentist office, my old place said they wouldn’t clean my teeth until I went through gum scaling, which I guess is a common thing in some practices. But they aren’t like that here at all! I go to Dr. Amante, and I love him! I get really nervous about going to the dentist because my teeth are really sensitive, but he makes sure I feel no pain. He’s so careful and will explain everything about what he’s doing. Plus, his work is flawless! Also, my son got his two front teeth knocked out on a Saturday night, so I called this office in Lisle the next morning (Sunday). Dr. Amante called me right back and told me to meet him at the office in an hour. He took such great care of my son without any assistance from his staff. He’s so attentive and friendly. He ended up pulling one tooth and fixing the other. He’s seriously the best dentist near me!
Marie L.
First thing’s first: I hate going to the dentist! But I don’t hate Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL one bit! As soon as I walked in the door, they were so kind even though I hadn’t seen a dentist in years. Other dentists have scolded me about how my dental care the entire time I was there, but not at this practice. They made me feel comfortable the entire time. Dr. Amante is amazing - I really didn’t even feel the novocaine shot!
Diane C.
I had an appointment with a dental hygienist at Lisle Dental Center today, and now my teeth are stunning! My hygienist is so great with her dental tools - she’s like superwoman when it comes to getting plaque off your teeth! She’s seriously the best. Don’t believe me? Check out Dr. Amante’s office in Lisle, IL for yourself!
Nicole G.
Dr. Amante is an incredible dentist who keeps you as relaxed as possible, making the dentist visit a rather enjoyable experience! I’ve been going to Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL for years and have referred many of my friends and family members to him, too. He’s very smart and careful, and his laid back personality relaxes even the most anxious patients! He wants to get things right done the first time, which is important in the field of dentistry, and he does whatever it takes to execute the job perfectly. I’ve been to a lot of dentists, and not one has been as professional or smart as Dr. Amante. Going to the dentist isn’t fun, but when you see Dr. Amante, it’s as good as is get! He has a fantastic demeanor and is so funny, and he obviously cares about his patients. The lady who manages the office and schedules appointments is so nice. I’m so fortunate to have found them and definitely wouldn’t trust anyone else with my smile!
Hector G.
I highly recommend Lisle Dental Center (Lisle, IL)! I hadn’t been able to see a dentist for a few years because of my busy travel schedule, so I had quite a few cavities. Dr. Amante and his staff are highly skilled yet friendly and compassionate. My gums would always bleed when I brushed my teeth, and after two deep cleaning sessions, the bleeding disappeared and my teeth were healthy once again. Dr. Amante is the best dentist near me and thoroughly explains any procedure I need. He also doesn’t try to push unnecessary services or treatments. I’m so lucky I found him - 10 stars!
Ronnie T.
Dr. Amante is such a blessing! I’d been searching for a dentist that I got along with and that wouldn’t drain my bank account, but I didn’t have any luck. Going to the dentist was never an enjoyable experience until my friend said I should go see Dr. Amante at Lisle Dental Center in Lisle. I went to many dentists to try to find a good match, but I felt that he never tried to tack on extra services or treatments that I really didn’t need. He was truthful and direct, and he was really funny. He convinced me to get braces, and even though I know I needed them, no dentist ever wanted to help me get them without a ton of trouble. I’ve been going to him for three years, and even though the commute isn’t the best, his service and care are so worth it. Every time I’ve gotten my teeth cleaned, it’s been by a different hygienist, but they’ve all been wonderful. My husband also loves coming here, which said a lot because no one really likes going to the dentist - but we do now! Give them a call and you’ll thank me after your first appointment!
Bud C.
Dr. Amante and his staff are incredible! I’ve tried many dentists in Lisle, IL, but he’s definitely the best dentist near me! Everyone there is so sweet, welcoming, and reasonable - they don’t give you a laundry list of dental work you need done like a lot of other dentists I’ve been to. They’re very cooperative and helped me when my insurance company was giving me a hard time. Lisle Dental Center really goes the extra mile for their patients!
Florencia G.
I’ve been going to Dr. Amante for a long time now, and even though I’ve moved away from Lisle, IL, I will make the long drive to see him! He’s so welcoming, gentle, practical - basically, everything you want in a doctor! He listens to me and carefully addresses my questions and concerns. He doesn’t push unnecessary work on me like my last dentist did. Plus, the staff always bills my insurance properly so that I don’t have to call them. Best of all, every appointment is painless! My last dentist put me through a lot of pain even for a routine cleaning, so I appreciate how careful they are here. I highly recommend Lisle Dental Center to everybody! I’ve had nothing but fantastic experiences here!
Max N.
I only have one word to describe Dr. Amante: fantastic! I’ve been going to Lisle Dental Center for many years, and my family and I have always had a positive experience. Dr. Amante is the greatest, most skilled dentist I’ve ever been to, and we’re so thankful to be his patients! During my first appointment, he examined my mouth and walked me through a treatment plan to help improve my dental health. I’m so glad he was patient enough to explain everything that I’d need to have done to fix any problems (i.e. cavities) so that it wouldn’t affect my quality of life. We’ve come to love him and his staff. The hygienists are so attentive and efficient! We love the level of care we receive here, and everyone really goes above and beyond to make you feel like a VIP (very important patient)! When my husband and I got married, he even sent us a card with a gift card inside! What dentist does that?! Dr. Amante and his staff run the best dentistry practice in Lisle, IL. I’m a business owner as well, so I love working with people who know how to treat their customers right - and they certainly do!
Jonny C.
Dr. Amante is incredible! I went to him for a while and then moved away, but I’m back in Lisle, IL now! I’m still so impressed with Lisle Dental Center! Dr. Amante’s so gifted, great at his job, and just plain brilliant! He really knows how to take care of his patients. I used to dread going to the dentist, but I don’t mind when it’s Dr. Amante. He’s so careful not to hurt me and just a fantastic dentist!
Danielle K.
I’ve been going to Lisle Dental Center (Lisle, IL) off and on for a long time, and the only reasons I left was due to insurance issues. Every time I went to another dentist, though, they didn’t help me and actually did more damage. I was born without an adult tooth, which is supposed to take the place of my baby tooth. Since I was missing a tooth right next to my front teeth, my smile looked really weird. I wouldn’t smile for years because I was embarrassed, but Dr. Amante gave me my smile back as well as a whole new perspective on life! I could finally smile again without shame! I went to one doctor who put a bridge in my mouth that looked just terrible, and it made me embarrassed to smile all over again. But I knew where to go: Dr. Amante. He, once again, fixed my grin. Dr. Amante and his team who created my teeth and matched the color perfectly are geniuses! Most people, including some dentists, can’t tell that I have fake teeth - they look that great!! That alone shows how great his work is, and he always makes me feel whole again with my gorgeous smile. No one can tell I went through a traumatic reconstructive experience unless I tell them! You have no idea how wonderful it is to be confident in and happy with my smile and no longer have to hide behind my hand. Thanks Dr. Amante for everything you’d done - I won’t let anyone else touch my mouth again!
Randy V.
Lisle Dental Center in Lisle is the best dentist near me! Dr. Amante is amazing and charming and manages an efficient staff. The hygienists are experts at what they do, and it’s honestly the best dental practice that I’ve ever been to, including anywhere in the US, Europe, and Australia! I’m so fortunate that I found them! From the customer service to dental treatments by Dr. Amante to billing, I’m so happy with everything about this office! I guarantee you won’t find a better dentist that cares about you and uses the latest technology. Strongly recommend!
Sofia Y.
Dr. Amante and his staff at Lisle Dental Center are productive and highly skilled. They always have the newest technology, and they always make me feel like a VIP whenever I’m there. My son used to go here, but he moved away. Now, he only goes to the dentist when he’s in Lisle because that’s where Dr. Amante is!
Anthony G.
Now that I found Lisle Dental Center, I’m not going anywhere else for dental care! Dr. Amante and his staff are incredible. They’re all so patient and try their best to calm my anxiety down. They gave me two veneers, which are usually somewhat painful, but it was actually painless and made my smile look fabulous! I recommend him and his team to anyone in the Lisle area! If I could give them 20 stars, I would!
Mindi N.
I love Lisle Dental Center! I’ve never really hated the dentist, but because I was always on the move, I always had to look for a new one. I’ve been seeing Dr. Amante for a few years and will keep coming here as long as I’m in Lisle, IL. He is wonderful, never tries to upsell me on expensive and unnecessary treatments/procedures (like other dentist offices), and gets me out the door really quickly. Make sure you call ahead because they are usually very busy and don’t have a lot of openings at the last minute. But that just confirms how great this practice is and that everyone loves going there!
Susan L.
Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL was the first dentist I went to after college and moving out of my parents’ house. The receptionist who answered the phone and scheduled my new patient appointment was great. She was so warm, hilarious, and sweet, and it actually made me look forward to my appointment. I did have to wait about 10 minutes after my appointment time to be taken back, but the hygienist who took me back addressed all my questions and concerns about my teeth. Dr. Amante really took his time examining my teeth and looking at my xrays. I feel like he really cared about me. The new patient appointment went really well and was actually painless! I’m so happy I picked this dental office!
Jim D.
I went to Dr. Amante at Lisle Dental Center in Lisle after a traumatic experience with another dentist. He’s a fantastic dentist, but also a wonderful human being who does his best and takes a lot of pride in what he does. He’s a little more expensive than some dentists, but you get what you pay for (trust me on that one!) They deserve 10 stars - highly recommended!
Theresa S.
My dog knocked out my front tooth, so I started calling around for an emergency dentist appointment when I found Lisle Dental Center. They got me in within a few hours, and when I called, they put me on the phone with Dr. Amante. He asked me some questions and told me to come in asap, and they’d see me between other appointments. The office was incredible. Everyone was so sweet and supportive. They took x-rays and then told me to call them in a few days. Being new to Lisle, IL, I was so thankful to find such a great dentist right away. Dr. Amante told me to call him on his cellphone if I started getting worse; I’ve never been treated so well by a dentist before. Thanks!
Stephanie L.
I’ve been going to Lisle Dental Center for more than 10 years. Dr. Amante treats you like you’re part of the family. He is really patient and explains any procedure and answers all your questions. He never rushes your appointment to get to the next. He’s super sweet, attentive, intelligent, and cares for his patients. His dental team is very nice and accommodating. I had an issue, and the receptionists were more than happy to help sort it out. The dental hygienist is excellent at her job and makes getting your teeth cleaned rather pleasant. They offer a lot of extras, which is a nice touch, and the lobby has plenty of comfortable seating options. Checking in and out is super simples and fast, and the sweet receptionist is always smiling and ensures you have a seamless experience. Their prices are aligned with other dentists I’ve seen, too. If you want an enjoyable dental experience, I highly recommend you check out this practice in Lisle, IL!
Neal L.
After neglecting my oral health for years and finding every excuse in the book to avoid the dentist (fear, having to take time off work, cost, etc), I needed some major dental work. It came shortly after I was laid off of my job, but they gave us another month’s worth of dental insurance. Since I had the time, I took advantage of it to get my dental health back on track. I needed a root canal and almost passed out from fear, but Dr. Amante and his fantastic assistant at Lisle Dental Center calmed my nerves. My idea of a root canal was apparently outdated and old fashioned. They explained the procedure one step at a time, and they gave me plenty of things to take the edge off. Once that kicked in, they began. The doctor kept making sure I was alright and made sure I was handling everything okay throughout the whole procedure. I was very much awake, but I didn’t feel anything! The people who handled the billing and insurance were great too. Even though I had financial limitations, they worked something out for me and explained every charge and how much insurance covered and how much I needed to pay. Dr. Amante in Lisle, IL is fantastic and is the only dentist I will ever trust to drill in my face.
Kathy K.
My family and I have been seeing Dr. Amante at Lisle Dental Center for a while now, and he’s the first dentist I’ve been to that is friendly and seems to love his job (oh the irony!). I love all the amenities they offer, and the staff is super nice and sociable. They always ask you about your family, and the hygienists are quick and cordial. Dr. Amante always tries the less invasive options first, and if you see him routinely and take care of your teeth, he probably won’t need to drill your teeth at all. I don’t love its location in Lisle, IL. To me, it’s not the prettiest office, but the staff and customer service means more to me than how it looks. They take digital xrays to help reduce how much radiation you’re exposed to, which is a big step up from the plate bitewings. They can also do a sandblast technique to take care of cavities as opposed to drilling. I felt no pain, but it did leave a weird texture in my mouth. Overall, I will keep going to Dr. Amante and will refer anyone who needs a great dentist to this office.
Melissa R.
I went to Lisle Dental Center for my first cleaning today, and I’m so pleased with the service. The staff is so kind. They introduced themselves and then gave me a tour. They have a beautiful and clean lobby, and you can tell they take pride in their office. They all seemed really happy to see me, and the following day, Dr. Amante called me to go over the treatment options we talked about. Highly recommend for anyone in Lisle, IL!
Vinay H.
I was at my last dentist for over 40 years, so I was a little nervous about switching to Lisle Dental Center. But I’m so glad I did! Dr. Amante in Lisle, IL is incredible! The office is gorgeous and very spa-like, and the environment is very soothing. The staff is inviting and sociable, and everyone took excellent care of me. They never made me wait, which shows that they're prompt. They get a high recommendation from me!
Jason F.
I’m writing this review well after my appointment, but everyone needs to know how fantastic this office is. From the receptionist’s kindness to the accuracy of the billing to Dr. Amante’s honesty, they provided top-quality service! They never try to push you into unnecessary procedures and will give you all your options and time to think before making a decision. They’d be my go-to dentist if I didn’t move away, so I’m upset about that. We love Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL so much that my husband recommended him to all his coworkers, and they love it there too!
Jason D.
I’m so pleased with Lisle Dental Center in Lisle, IL! I just had my first appointment there yesterday, and everybody was so sweet and informative. They greeted me with a smile as soon as I set foot in the office, and then they gave me a tour of the facility. Dr. Amante and his assistant took their time to explain everything to me. The dental hygienist was a sweetheart and instantly put me at ease (and I hate going to the dentist!). She was so patient and addressed all of my concerns. She recommended a few products and gave me some dental care tips. Honestly, it’s the best dentist near me. I will keep coming here as long as I can, and I suggest that if you need a good dentist to give them a call!
Samantha T.
This place went above and beyond. Everyone here was kind, knowledgeable, and very honest. They really take their time to go through everything when you’re a new patient, they give you a tour, and they even explain their sanitization processes and what equipment they use for different procedures. Dental care is always going to be expensive, so why not get your money’s worth and go to a place that actually provides good care?
Elias M.
I hadn’t been to the dentist in about 4 years, but I’m so glad that when I decided to go back I went to Dr. Amante! I did some research and saw so many positive online reviews on Doctors Network that I decided to go in. Scheduling was super easy, and the dentist office in Lisle, IL is brand new and spotless. I came in for x-rays, an exam, and a cleaning. They have the latest and greatest in technology, and it helped make the exam and cleanings painless and easy. Having not gone to the dentist in almost 4 years I needed a lot of work done on my teeth. Dr. Amante was very thorough in his explanation for me. I’m very satisfied with this dentist, and look forward to coming back.
Gigi G.
I recommend Dr. Amante to everyone I know. We went to him after another dentist in Lisle, IL told me that my 5 year old son needed 3 pulpotomies (baby root canals), 5 crowns, and 4 fillings under general anesthesia. That didn’t sit right with me, so I came to Dr. Amante for a second opinion. He recommended only 4 fillings. My son is now almost ten years old and has never had a problem with the fillings he got from Dr. Amante.
Save up to 90% on your visit!
Unlike dental insurance, a direct dental plan with Dr. Amante and Doctors Network is a membership that gives you access to significant discounts on almost all of our services. Everyone can join for a low monthly fee of $34.99 and a one-time activation fee of the equal amount. The cost of membership is typically a fraction of most dental insurance premiums.
Patients who sign up for a direct dental plan through our office in Lisle can attend routine preventive exams and cleanings for only $25 per visit. This includes X-rays, when necessary, and the cost does not change no matter how many times you visit per year. When cosmetic or restorative treatment is required, the costs of your treatment will be discounted by up to 90%, including fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, Invisalign® and more.
doctors network cost
Check-ups, x-rays & Cleanings
$35 - 65
Root Canals
$350 - 500
Dental Implants
$75 - $100
$2000 - 3000
Teeth Whitening
* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
Sign Up for a Direct Dental Plan with Dr. Amante
Dr. Amante, our team, and the experts at Doctors Network share the common goal of making dental care simpler, more affordable, and more attainable for all of our patients. Please note that a direct dental plan is not insurance, and is not designed to replace your existing coverage. We offer this direct dental plan to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and therefore maintain your oral health.
If you have questions about Doctors Network, or are ready to sign up, then contact Dr. Amante at Lisle Dental Center today, or call Doctors Network at 1-866-800-3168.
doctors network cost
Check-ups, x-rays & Cleanings
$35 - 65
Root Canals
$350 - 500
Dental Implants
$75 - $100
$2000 - 3000
Teeth Whitening
* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
General Dentistry for Everyone in Lisle, IL
General dental care is as essential to your smile as taking care of your teeth at home. For instance, checkups and cleanings are necessary to avoid dental issues like tooth cavities and periodontitis. At our Lisle, IL dental office, Dr. Amante and our team offer a variety of general dentistry treatments to help your family enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles.
The Value of General Dentistry
When it comes to your oral as well as your overall health, prevention is vital. Therefore, the primary focus of exceptional dental care is preventing dental diseases from developing in the first place. Besides keeping your teeth clean with good hygiene, professional dental cleanings and exams help stop the development of bacteria-rich plaque. Other treatments, such as root canals, fillings, crown and bridges, wisdom teeth extractions, etc., can also help you manage existing issues before they worsen.
Maintaining Good Oral Health in the Long Run
During your visit to your dentist’s office, your dentist will carefully examine your teeth and gums for signs of trouble. If any are present, then he or she will consult with you about appropriate treatment options to stop the issue from worsening. However, ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles will still rely on ongoing general dental care.
Speak with Your Lisle General Dentist Today!
By helping you avoid serious dental issues, preventative dentistry is essential to enjoying a lifetime of healthy smiles. To schedule a consultation, call Dr. Amante's dental office in Lisle, IL today at (630) 964-0944.
For more information please call 1-866-800-3168. Doctors Network is not Insurance, but a dental plan offered by dentists to reduce the cost of dental care for their patients.