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Omar Armstrong, DDS

93% (12)


18 - 100 ages treated

30 E. 60th St.

Suite 1104

New York, NY 10022

(212) 537-6028

Omar Armstrong, DDS

93% (12)


18 - 100 ages treated

30 E. 60th St.

Suite 1104

New York, NY 10022

(212) 537-6028


Dr. Armstrong has a passion for health care and is committed to providing you with the best treatment possible and a positive experience.  Dr. Armstrong prides himself on giving painless injections to minimize patient discomfort.  In addition to a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from New York University he also holds Masters in Biomedical Engineering and Physiology and he has particular interests in Biological and Implant Dentistry.  Since his residency at Kings County Hospital, he has continued to take advanced training in leading technologies such as Laser Dentistry, Computer Assisted Implant placement, and Clear Aligner Orthodontics.  Dr. Armstrong is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.  Outside of Dentistry, family time is priority.   He also enjoys jogging, bike riding and basketball.


93% (12)

Aaron O.
Aug 14, 2019

Got fillings today from Dr. Armstrong and was very satisfied with the entire process. He explained everything and was very encouraging. They have a clear dedication to comfort and no pain. Also satisfied with the speed from check-in to check out. Everyone there evokes the relaxed determination that only years of practice can give. Highly suggest Armstrong Dental Studio if you are looking for dental care in NYC!

Lilly T.
Aug 14, 2019

Yesterday I brought my son to Armstrong Dental Studio for routine cleaning. I could not be more satisfied with our appointment. Setting the appointment itself was so easy. The whole team was so courteous and friendly at the reception. The facility is not only clean but gorgeous. We didn't wait more than 5mins to be seen (which with a stressed child was a relief). Once in the room the hygienist was very courteous and helped put my son at ease. He was so excited about the tech they had. The hygienist took time explaining what different tools she was using and showed my son how they worked. The dentist, Dr. Armstrong, was nice and also made my son feel relaxed. If you have made it this far in my review the finest part was at dinner my son was telling his two older brothers about his appointment... and by the end of his story, they all were excited to go to the dentist too!!! A MAJOR MOM WIN FOR SURE! So happy to have found the BEST dentist in New York!

Laura W.
Aug 14, 2019

I have been going to Armstrong Dental Studio for a long time. They are great about remembering me and never have forgotten my name. The staff is so sweet and extremely detailed, even with my sensitivities. I live in Cleveland now and still see them when I'm visiting my parents in New York because they are THAT amazing. We adore Dr. Armstrong!! Thank you for all the amazing care and courteous encounters you have given me and my family, and all of NYC.

Santiago G.
Aug 14, 2019

My wife and I adore Armstrong Dental Studio! After a terrible experience at a different Dentist in NYC, I made the change to Doctor Armstrong and have been going back every 6 months. I wholeheartedly trust all of the staff and dr and continue to receive the best customer service and care. They won't pressure you into procedures you don’t actually need. They are great about telling you everything you are having done as well as keeping you in the loop with what all you will need done in the future. Awesome Dentistry!

Dorian K.
Aug 14, 2019

I'll say it...THE BEST DENTAL OFFICE IN NYC!!! They have given me so many reasons to remain true. Here recently my husband had an emergency...was in severe pain. I went to Armstrong Dental Studio first thing in the morning and they took care of everything, even though he didn't have an appointment until the night before. They are so courteous and caring. We always have an amazing visit and always looking forward to the next time. Dr. Armstrong always seems so happy to see us and takes time to ask about how things are going. The front desk team is always very friendly and I have no clue how they remember all of our names. It just shows their dedication to customer service. I soooo adore this place!!! Check them out and you will not regret it.

Rebecca A.
Aug 14, 2019

I adore coming here to Armstrong Dental Studio. The team is knowledgeable and welcoming and they truly care about you. I recently missed a cleaning due to illness, but they were so understanding. I'm about to make my next appointment now. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else in all of New York. My son adores Dr. Armstrong so unless we move, we will be going here.

Elle R.
Aug 14, 2019

This is my second trip to Armstrong Dental Studio for more than just a regular cleaning. This time I had a root canal and crown done on the same tooth, but no worries, it was completely pain free! They all did great checking up on me, even Dr. Armstrong himself called me the next day. He was awesome about checking on how I was doing during the entire process. All the staff is amazing and personable, so welcoming and happy to help. Nice dentist to have here in New York!

Amelia A.
Aug 14, 2019

I love Armstrong Dental Studio. The team is very friendly, and Armstrong is well-informed, polite, and caring. I stayed at the Armstrong Dental Center even after moving away from New York, although the drive is much further away. I'd recommend his dentistry absolutely.

Linda C.
Aug 14, 2019

I haven't really believed all the wonderful reviews. I'm very pleased to have made the appointment and to have followed through with it. When it comes to the dentist, I'm a big pansy and this was the most enjoyable experience I have ever had. The entire team at Armstrong Dental Studio was amazing! From the time you enter the time you leave, you are cared for. I highly suggest Dr. Armstrong if you're looking for a dentist, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Nicholas M.
Jan 27, 2019

I had a very nice experience here, which I’ve found to be very rare at a dentist office in Midtown Manhattan. I was pleasantly surprised at how great they are here. I didn’t have any waiting time here, which has never happened to me before. The staff is very kind. They provide quality dental care. They make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during procedures by giving you headphones. I can’t wait to show my husband this place and recommend it to all my friends.

Dana S.
Jan 27, 2019

I’m very happy with the dental service I got today. They provide quality work, and everyone there is very kind. My husband has a different dentist in the East side Lower Manhattan, but I might convince him and take him in. That’s how good they are. Dr. Armstrong and the assistant were both very kind. I had a dental emergency and when I got there I only had to wait 5 minutes. I was surprised I was able to get into the chair that fast when I hadn’t made an appointment in advance. I will be moving to soon, but I’m thinking about making them my permanent dentist and making the long drive. I have a cleaning coming up and I’m very excited for it.

Emilio B.
Jan 27, 2019

I had a cracked tooth so I called in and they were able to get me on the same day. I was in a lot of pain, so I think that’s why they got me in so early. Armstrong Dental Studio is very clean and they have the latest and greatest in technology in dentistry, including a massage dental chair. This team really cares about you, and they’re super friendly. They explain all treatment cost and the options for procedures thoroughly before they start working to help ensure your comfort. I can’t recommend this place enough.

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General Dental Care for Everyone in New York, NY
General dentistry is as essential to your smile as taking care of your teeth at home. For instance, preventive exams and cleanings are necessary to evade oral health issues like tooth cavities and periodontitis. At our New York, NY dental office, Dr. Armstrong and our team offer a variety of general dentistry treatments to help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.
The Necessity for General and Preventative Dentistry
When it comes to your oral health, prevention is vital. Therefore, the primary focus of family dental care is preventing dental diseases from developing. Besides practicing good hygiene, professional dental cleanings and exams help stop the accumulation of oral bacteria into plaque and tartar. Other procedures, such as tooth fillings, dental crowns, dental implants and implant supported prosthesis, and more, can also help you address existing issues before they worsen.
Maintaining Good Oral Health in the Long Run
At your general dentistry appointment, your dentist will thoroughly inspect your teeth and oral tissues for signs of trouble. If any are present, then he or she will consult with you about appropriate treatment options to stop the problem from worsening. However, successfully protecting your smile from further trouble will still rely on ongoing general dental care.
Speak with Your New York General Dentist Today!
By helping you avoid serious dental issues, preventative dentistry is essential to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. To make an appointment, call Dr. Armstrong's dental office in New York, NY today at (212) 537-6028.
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