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Keyur Patoliya, DMD

92% (28 reviews)


1 - 100 ages treated

311 North 7th Street

Perkasie, PA 18944

(215) 258-1011

Keyur Patoliya, DMD

92% (28 reviews)


1 - 100 ages treated

311 North 7th Street

Perkasie, PA 18944

(215) 258-1011


Dr. Keyur Patoliya graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.He is also a recipient of the prestigious Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Award,making him a member of the National Dental Honors Society. Since earning a Degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine from Tufts University, Dr.Keyur Patoliya has been increasingly involved with practicing advanced dentistry and in continuing education to ensure he is utilizing the most innovative and safest techniques for his patients. Dr. Patoliya ’s clinical experience, along with his successful completion of over 400 hours of continuing education courses and seminars in just 4 years to allow him to provide the most comprehensive and progressive dental care in fields such as Restorative, family, Cosmetic, Invisalign and Implant Dentistry Dr.Patoliya is committed to providing personalized dental care with long -lasting results such as Implants for Tooth Replacement, Invisalign for a confident smile and full mouth rehabilitation for functional and cosmetic reasons. Dr. Patoliya enjoys helping his patients obtain significantly better outcomes with minimally invasive and comprehensive dentistry endorsed with guided approaches and CAD-CAM technology. He chooses to implement techniques such as Intra-Oral Color Photos, 3-D Imaging and Chairside Consultations to educate his patients on their oral health and to thoroughly discuss the treatment recommended to improve the functional and aesthetic aspects of their smiles. Dr.Patoliya maintains active membership with Academy of General Dentistry(AGD),International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), Mont Bucks Dental Society, PA Dental Association and American Dental Association. He has earned fellowship in ICOI. An avid Philadelphia sports fan Dr. Patoliya’s other hobbies include travel,racquetball,volleyball and movies. Dr Patoliya enjoys spending time with his wife,son family and friends! Dr. Patoliya’s mission has always been to create a skilled team of dentists, clinical and administrative staff that are educated, on the advancements in the dental field, caring for the oral health of the community, and diligent in working closely with you to understand your dental needs and fulfill them while providing exception dental care and service. Today, Dr. Patoliya and his team warmly welcome you, your family and your friends to our offices and thank you for your continuous support./p> Dr. Patoliya has a wide range of experience in different areas of dentistry, from cosmetic and restorative dentistry to oral surgery, implant and root canal treatments. He places a strong emphasis on patient comfort and keeps up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry, enabling him to provide his patients with the same quality dental care. He has 10 years of experience treating all ages of patient for variety of procedures including full mouth rehabilitation for both cosmetic and functional reasons.


92% (28 reviews)

Steph M.
May 05, 2019

Reviewing a dentist is kind of strange, but I love Dr. Patoliya in Perkasie, PA so much that I couldn’t resist! I drive a long ways to see him. I starting visiting Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville a few years ago, and I was a little nervous. But Dr. Patoliya is so kind and skilled that I knew I could trust him. I know it’s weird, but I actually like going to the dentist now. The dental assistants are incredible, and they treat you like life-long friends! The front office staff is always very nice, and they all seem to love their jobs. I usually only wait a maximum of five minutes to be taken back. Dr. Patoliya is amazing. Thankfully, I’ve never had to have any major work done because I take excellent care of my oral hygiene (I’m a bit of a teeth snob). During the visit, Dr. Patoliya was fast and competent. Highly recommended!

Jesse M.
May 05, 2019

Dr. Patoliya is an expert in the field of dentistry. I visited him because I was concerned with my receding gum. He could have made easy money by recommending a gum graft, but he wanted to get to the root of the dental problem. He said he couldn’t fix my gums until I fixed my bite. Instead of telling me to get an expensive treatment that wouldn’t have lasted very long, he referred me to an orthodontist so that I could get the problem fixed for good. When I’m old and have a healthy set of teeth, I will be thanking Dr. Patoliya for being a part of it! The office is spotless, gorgeous, and homey, and the office staff and his assistants offer high-quality service. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie for your dental needs!

Henry M.
May 05, 2019

Looking for a fantastic dentist? Then you need to see Dr. Patoliya at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA! I’ve been seeing him for a few years, and each experience is better than the last one. He’s nice, careful, and caring, and he and his hygienists are highly skilled, too. As soon as you walk into the office, the staff greets you with a smile, and the office itself is cozy and welcoming. Plus, they offer wonderful customer service! Seriously, check him out if you need a great dentist or periodontist! If you need someone to work on your mouth, it may as well be the best of the best! Your smile will thank you!

Julieann C.
May 05, 2019

I found Dr. Patoliya on Doctors Network, and I’m so glad I chose to go to Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie for my deep cleaning. My old dentist recommended root planing and scaling, but Dr. Patoliya didn’t want to do unnecessary surgery. I’m so glad he went against it! Like everyone has already said, he’s very smart and will take you through your dental procedure step by step until you feel comfortable with it. Plus, he has some of the most affordable services around! He even beat the prices of dentists who don’t specialize in periodontics. I will always go to Dr. Patoliya for anything to do with my gums for as long as I live here, and I definitely want to make him my go-to dentist from now on!

Sandra M.
May 05, 2019

Disclaimer: my review is only based on my first exam. Dr. Patoliya reviewed my dental x-rays and photographs from my old dentist’s office very carefully. He measured my gum pockets and took 25 minutes out of his day to walk me through the procedure. He also explained the condition of my teeth very thoroughly. He showed me a lot of respect and kindness, and he genuinely cares about my dental health. He also understood that, because I’m a grad student, I don’t have a lot of financial freedom. I’ll be sure to report back after my osseous surgery, which is actually more affordable than what other dentists were quoting me! Thank you, Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA!

Elda P.
May 05, 2019

A lot of other people have reviewed Dr. Patoliya at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville (located in Perkasie, PA), but I just have a few things to add. For starters, he is very patient focused and makes sure everyone gets the high-quality service they deserve. As I was sitting in his waiting room, I overheard him telling his staff that they need to take amazing care of their customers, and they told him they agreed. Plus, Dr. Patoliya is also very determined and a bit of a perfectionist. His office, especially the waiting room, looks cozy, but everything is in a certain place and very clean and organized. Finally, Dr. Patoliya is one of the few medical professionals who will be as attentive as possible for as long as it takes to answer your questions and address your concerns. He also usually remembers tiny details you tell him and asks about it months later at your next appointment. He’s obviously very devoted to his patients. He loves what he does and tries to fix your mouth up as best as he can. And he wants to make sure you have a good time, no matter what’s going on with your teeth!

Christian A.
May 05, 2019

Dr. Patoliya and his staff at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville are always so inclusive. There’s virtually no wait time when you get there, and they use a lot of high-end equipment that I’ve never seen at any other dentist office. I love that they are patient enough to teach you about your oral health. The office is modern and beautiful, and sometimes, they’ll offer you a beverage. Best dentist in Perkasie, PA!

Deprina G.
May 05, 2019

Dr. Patoliya and his staff are warm, inviting and highly trained. The office (Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville) looks brand new with high-tech equipment. I also love the office hours! The location in Perkasie, PA is really convenient. Highly recommended!

Brittany N.
May 05, 2019

I hate going to the dentist, so I really haven’t gone to one even though I know I should. But one day, I saw that my teeth were starting to stain, so I decided to just get my cleaning. Dr. Patoliya’s office is sanitary and up-to-date, and the receptionist was super helpful. I didn’t even have to wait to be seen. They sat me in the dental chair and explained what my insurance covered and how much it would cost. They also told me that I could decline treatment and what would happen if I decided to do that. My hygienist was cool. She was very welcoming, fast, and aware of how scared I was. Following the X-rays and cleaning (no cavities!), they gave me an estimate for follow-up care and told me why I needed it. Hands down, this was the best dental experience I’ve had in a long time. I’m so glad I found Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA!

Shabnam D.
May 05, 2019

I met Dr. Patoliya on an airplane about a year ago, and he’s been my dentist ever since! He’s truly amazing, and the staff is very welcoming. The office (Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville) in Perkasie is pretty close to where I work. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a fantastic dentist with an equally amazing personality! My husband now goes to him too and loves it!

Jennifer C.
May 05, 2019

I’ve been seeing Dr. Patoliya at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville on and off for a few years. I had moved a few times, which is why I couldn’t go to him for a few years, but I always compared my new dentists to him. I even saw the same hygienist from his old office at my new dentist (she moved too), and even she was amazed by his work….and that was just in regards the fillings he did! I can only imagine how great he is at everything else! When I moved back to Perkasie, my insurance changed and he was no longer covered, so I had to go somewhere else. But then I decided that his high-quality dental work and care was worth the extra cost. Dr. Patoliya always asks how my family is doing, and you can tell he cares about his patients. His chill demeanor and authentic smile will make you feel relaxed every time!

Paula L.
May 05, 2019

It’s really uncommon to meet a medical professional who is so precise and confident in the work they do, but Dr. Patoliya definitely fits the bill! He loves his job, and it clearly shows in his amazing quality of work and the comprehensive care he provides to his patients. I went to Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA for a consultation and was really impressed by the friendly staff and incredible customer service. Any way you look at it, it was just amazing! I’m actually pretty excited for my next dentist visit, and who really says that?! Thank you, Dr. Patoliya!!

Kaitlin M.
May 05, 2019

Dr. Patoliya and his staff at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA are competent and efficient. As soon as you make the appointment, you know they’ll take care of you. Everyone’s super nice, and parking isn’t half bad. The office is clean, and they’re always on time. They’re great for the whole family!

Cristina S.
May 05, 2019

Dr. Patoliya is truly outstanding! He’s super smart in his field and genuinely cares about his patients. I love that he is truthful and has a more conservative dental approach (i.e. trying basic treatments before doing a major procedure). His expertise and skills have prevented me from getting unnecessary root canals. The staff is very considerate and kind. I am so happy to call Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA my go-to dentist. Would recommend!

Enrique G.
May 05, 2019

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Patoliya and his team at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA. The receptionist I spoke to on the phone was kind and considerate, and it didn’t stop at the first phone call. When I arrived, she called me by name and made me feel welcome. Once I was in the exam room, Dr. Patoliya’s assistants did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and were fully prepared to answer my questions. Before they started working, Dr. Patoliya came and spoke to me and ran through everything they were going to do. The dental hygienist then gave me a very thorough cleaning, but she was also very careful. After the cleaning, Dr. Patoliya came back in to finish up my speciality dental work, and then I left shortly after. The office was pretty easy to locate, everything (including the dentistry tools) seemed very sanitary, and everyone was super upbeat and sociable with me. Dr. Patoliya’s dentistry work was just amazing, and I will never go anywhere else. It was the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist appointment! Thank you for everything, Dr. Patoliya!

Evelyn D.
May 05, 2019

I’ve only been to Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA for a routine cleaning, but it was a fantastic experience! Dr. Patoliya’s team is amicable and made the trip to the dentist as enjoyable as possible. The cleaning was very detailed, and the hygienist truly cared about my oral hygiene and lifestyle habits (like how much coffee I drank and any medications I took) that might affect my teeth health. Dr. Patoliya is friendly and laid back, and he took his time looking at my charts, asking me questions, and offering advice. Though I never thought this was possible, I’m actually excited to go to my next dental appointment!

Cindy G.
May 05, 2019

Dr. Patoliya was the first dentist I’ve ever had in Perkasie, and as long as I live here, I’ll keep going to him. I called Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville for an annual check-up appointment, and the receptionist was very friendly and informative. She gave me a few dates and times to choose from. Once I arrived, they took excellent care of me. The dental hygienist was careful and thoroughly explained what she saw. After my cleaning, I met Dr. Patoliya and told him about a troublesome tooth. He reviewed my X-rays and said that my teeth look great and that it was my gums that were the problem. He said that, since they were bothering me, I likely needed some gums treatment, so he referred me to a gum’s specialist for a deep cleaning. Overall, I was so happy with Dr. Patoliya. He’s very kind and patient, and he never tried to upsell me anything. The office itself is clean and organized, and the staff is warm and friendly. I already told my wife to go to him, and I will definitely tell all my friends!

Amanda F.
May 05, 2019

I had a wonderful experience at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville when I got my cleaning done. The hygienist was very charming, had a fantastic personality, and made great conversation, but she also did her job really well. It was painless and easy, which you don’t always get at the dentist! When I arrived and as I left, the staff said hello and goodbye, smiling the entire time. Because everyone, including Dr. Patoliya, was so skillful and sweet, I’ll definitely keep going to the Perkasie office.

Christina S.
May 05, 2019

I had one of the best dental experiences ever at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville. I went to Dr. Patoliya as an emergency walk-in, and as soon as I set foot in the office, the staff was so friendly. I walked in as soon as they opened and walked out an hour and a half later. My bridge had fallen out, so I needed it cemented back in place. The receptionist and other staff members were so kind and professional. The dental assistant calmed my nerves and made the experience a lot less terrible. Dr. Patoliya was kind, helpful, and careful. Plus, the office was not crowded and was very organized and clean. The TVs in each exam room were also pretty cool. After having some unpleasant dental experiences, this one was really refreshing. Everyone was so productive! If you live in the Perkasie, PA area and have a dental emergency, go to Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville!

Joel J.
May 05, 2019

If you’re looking for a phenomenal dentist with amazing customer service, you want to go to Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA! I’m scared of the dentist, but Dr. Patoliya changed that. I had 2 wisdom extractions, and from the second I walked in, everyone calmed my nerves and reassured me that I wouldn’t feel any pain and that I would be taken care of. Dr. Patoliya is the best oral surgeon ever, so make sure you go to him if you need an extraction.

Jay O.
May 05, 2019

I love my gorgeous smile! I’ve been seeing Dr. Patoliya at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie for more than 8 years, and no matter where he ends up, I’ll follow him anywhere! He takes amazing care of me, and now, my family sees him too! I love telling everyone about this fantastic dentist! His dental hygienist is equally as great. Dr. Patoliya always keeps me up to date with my dental health and the costs that go along with it. He’s careful, empathetic, considerate and attentive, which makes for the best dental experience you didn’t know you were missing! Thank you for all that you and your team do for my family!

Melinda S.
May 05, 2019

I strongly recommend Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville in Perkasie, PA. I hadn’t gone to the dentist in a long time and was worried that I would lose one of my front teeth due to neglect. Dr. Patoliya took excellent care of my tooth, and now, it looks fantastic! He also took care of the other front tooth, and I no longer hide my smile! He’s so warm and chill yet thorough and determined, and he always explains what he needs to do and the best way to do it. My friend recommended me to him, and I’m glad I listened. He’s the best dentist near me!

Patty P.
May 05, 2019

Dr. Patoliya at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville is an amazing dentist with a kind, skilled staff. I went to him for a second opinion after my last awful dentist told me I had a ton of dental issues that were going to be very costly to fix. The hygienist who cleaned and examined my teeth was careful and detail oriented. She was patient and was really thorough but also made sure I wasn’t experiencing any discomfort. Dr. Patoliya told me that my teeth looked excellent and that the procedures the other dentist tried to push didn’t need to be done. I really felt like he took care of me. If you’re looking for a kind, brilliant, warm, and knowledgeable staff, check out Dr. Patoliya’s office in Perkasie, PA!

Cary R.
May 05, 2019

I was so happy with the dental work I had done at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville. The location in Perkasie is fantastic, and the office is gorgeous. I loved that everyone paid extreme attention to detail when they worked on me. The dental hygienist was the best I’d ever seen. Most of the time, cleanings are slightly painful, but not at this office! Dr. Patoliya was great, too. He thoroughly explained everything so that I understood it, and I love that he’s very honest about what I needed to get fixed asap and what could wait. Instead of pushing all the procedures at once, he set me up with an affordable treatment plan. I’ll definitely go back to this dental office. They offer the best customer service and teach their patients a thing or two about their oral health!

Kathy S.
May 05, 2019

I don’t even know how to tell you how incredible Dr. Patoliya and his staff at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville are. My husband and I started seeing Dr. Patoliya when we first moved to Perkasie, PA. From the start, they treated us like family. The receptionist is always so kind and inviting, and she always seems to remember little details about our family, which is amazing. Dr. Patoliya has done a lot of top-quality work on my teeth over the past few years and always goes the extra mile for me. When I had a dental emergency on a Sunday night, he told me to come on in, and he fixed me right up, which more than exceeded my expectations! The office is so beautiful and the employees are so fun to talk to that I don’t even bother reading a book or magazine. Dr. Patoliya is very detailed and explains everything he’s doing step by step, which always reassures me. My appointments at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville have been the best dental experiences of my life!

Joe G.
Jan 26, 2019

Today was my first time at this dentist, and they are a great dental office in Perkasie, PA. They’re friendly from the moment you walk in the door. Everyone is very kind and knowledgeable. I had my 3 month old son with me and they watched him while I was getting x-rays done. Dr. Patoliya did my cleaning and x-ray and was very kind and patient, which I appreciated since I was probably such a headache because I had my baby with me. He is very caring and thoroughly explained everything. They even gave me some tips on how to improve my dental health. I’m excited to go back and would recommend this place to anyone.

Michael M.
Jan 26, 2019

I am very lucky to have found Dr. Patoliya. I was worried about my former dentist when he told me I had 4 cavities even though I had no pain or sensitivity. I went to Dr. Patoliya in Perkasie and he told me I didn’t have any at all, and so now he has been my regular dentist. As my former dentist proved some dentists will trick you into spending more money, but Dr. Patoliya would never do that. He treats you like family and truly listens to any concerns you may have. Anyone looking for an affordable dentist in Perkasie should come here.

Kristen L.
Jan 26, 2019

Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville provided excellent service from the moment I called to make my first appointment to actually going in and getting the checkup done. I’m so glad I found an amazing dentist in Bucks County for my family. The staff and doctor are kind and friendly. My former dentist in Perkasie, PA didn’t send my file over right away, so Dr. Patoliya took some x-rays but didn’t charge me. That made me feel very confident in his services. Anyone looking for a top cosmetic dentist should come here.

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Unlike dental insurance, a direct dental plan with Dr. Patoliya and Doctors Network is a membership that gives you access to significant discounts on almost all of our services. Everyone can join for a low monthly fee of $34.99 and a one-time activation fee of the equal amount. The cost of membership is typically a fraction of most dental insurance premiums.

Patients who sign up for a direct dental plan through our office in Perkasie can attend routine preventive exams and cleanings for only $25 per visit. This includes X-rays, when necessary, and the cost does not change no matter how many times you visit per year. When cosmetic or restorative treatment is required, the costs of your treatment will be discounted by up to 90%, including fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, Invisalign® and more.

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Dr. Patoliya, our team, and the experts at Doctors Network share the common goal of making dental care simpler, more affordable, and more attainable for all of our patients. Please note that a direct dental plan is not insurance, and is not designed to replace your existing coverage. We offer this direct dental plan to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and therefore maintain your oral health.

If you have questions about Doctors Network, or are ready to sign up, then contact Dr. Patoliya at Advanced Dental Designs of Sellersville today, or call Doctors Network at 1-866-800-3168.

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Our Blog

General Dental Care for Everyone in Perkasie, PA
General dentistry is as essential to your smile as taking care of your teeth at home. For instance, preventive exams and cleanings are necessary to evade oral health issues such as tooth decay and periodontitis. At our Perkasie, PA dental office, Dr. Patoliya and our team offer a variety of general dentistry treatments to help you enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles.
The Importance of General and Preventative Dentistry
For your smile as well as your physical well-being, prevention is vital. Therefore, the main focus of family dental care is preventing issues from developing in the first place. Besides keeping your teeth clean with good hygiene, professional dental cleanings and check-ups help stop the formation of plaque and tartar. Other treatments, such as scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), bone and gum grafts, dental extractions, and more, can also help you address existing issues before they grow worse.
Maintaining Good Oral Health in the Long Run
At your general dentistry appointment, your dentist will carefully perform a comprehensive dental exam for signs of trouble. If any are present, then he or she will recommend an appropriate course of treatment to stop the issue from growing worse. However, caring for your smile will still rely on routine visits with your general dentist.
Schedule a Visit with Your Perkasie General Dentist Today!
By emphasizing the value of prevention, general dentistry is essential to maintaining your good oral health. To make an appointment, call Dr. Patoliya's dental office in Perkasie, PA today at (215) 258-1011.
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