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Tassos Katechis, DDS
specialty: Dentist
subscription: $44.99/month
ages treated: 16 - 100
18 Haven Ave, Suite #200
Port Washington, NY 11050
Reviews (53)
Orlando A.
When it comes to dental visits, I’m a pretty nervous patient. I don’t trust easily. In over 60 years, Dr. Katechis is the first dentists I have gone to where I didn’t need to take anxiety medicine the night before. I simply cannot say enough good things about the staff. They listen to your concerns and care about how you feel. Thanks to their kindness and bedside manner, I go back for regular cleanings, and my gums are the healthiest they’ve been in years. Thanks Port Washington Dental Care.
Love G.
Port Washington Dental Care of Port Washington, NY offers excellent treatment. I really don’t like having my teeth worked on, but this experience changed my mind. I needed a relatively small procedure done. I knew I would need to be numbed, and I anticipated it would be painful. However, it wasn’t! Dr. Katechis made me feel so at peace that I didn’t feel any discomfort. The procedure was quick, and I was informed of everything the entire time. I’ll definitely be a regular patient. They’re worth the out-of-town drive.
Kaitlyn M.
I’m beyond impressed. I knew I needed a wisdom tooth removed, so I checked for dentists who were compatible with my insurance provider and found Dr. Katechis. I scheduled an appointment and was seen that very same day. I had such a positive experience, starting the second I set foot through the door. Dr. Katechis was great--efficient and gentle. They even called me that night to make sure I was doing well. He is highly-skilled and kind. That’s rare. I couldn’t recommend Port Washington Dental Care any higher.
Nareh S.
I really don’t like dentists. In fact, I considered it a perk not to have to go. However, I got over that way of thinking a while ago. I was new in town and not looking forward to finding a new dentist. I chose Dr. Katechis of Port Washington Dental Care. He is the most gentle dentist I’ve ever been to. He is kind and offers sedation for those with anxiety like me. I can’t stand the thought of drilling. I felt very relaxed at my appointment, so relaxed I didn’t need sedation at my follow-up appointment. The whole staff is great. I highly recommend Port Washington Dental Care.
Susanna O.
Kudos to Dr. Katechis. This was the first trip to a dentist in Port Washington Dental Care, and I loved the experience. A couple weeks ago, one of my veneers broke and they were able to schedule me for a temporary. There was also a very quick turnaround for the permanent replacement. Dr. Katechis did a phenomenal job! Unfortunately, the veneer popped off on Memorial Day weekend. Dr. Katechis took time away from family plans to fix it. I felt so bad that he had to change his plans, but he reassured me it was okay and that his family understood. They even wanted him to do it. He is amazing. I will be eternally grateful to the entire staff at Port Washington Dental Care.
Grace C.
I had tremendous pain on a Saturday when the dental office was closed. I needed to be seen immediately. Dr. Katechis opened his office and asked an assistant to come in as well. What a kind dentist and person. He came in to help me even though it was his day to spend time with his family. He exceeded expectations a million times over. I come from a family of dentists, so I know what good is, and Dr. Katechis is the best.
Moises U.
The staff at Port Washington Dental Care is so welcoming, and Dr. Katechis is amazing. He walks you through every step of the process and answers questions. The whole team epitomizes professionalism and uses top-of-the-line technology for imaging. I chose this office due to its convenient location. It’s right by my work, so it makes going to appointments easier. I’m really glad I chose Dr. Katechis of Port Washington Dental Care.
Simon F.
Port Washington Dental Care is incredible in all regards. I don’t really enjoy going to the dentist, but I had a wonderful experience. The staff is very welcoming, and it’s obvious that they truly care about your comfort. I love that they tell you all the different treatment options available. They aren’t pushy though. I’m so happy I discovered this Port Washington Dental Care.
Sev A.
Dr. Katechis is one of the best dentists I’ve ever been to; he doesn’t pressure you and is very straightforward. The entire sign-up process was very quick. Plus, he accepts my insurance, though I’d still go to him even if I didn’t have any insurance. Dr. Katechis of Port Washington Dental Care. is a highly-skilled dentist; he offers multiple solutions.
Amanda J.
Dr. Katechis is the absolute greatest. I signed up for a dental plan (HMO,) but discovered that Dr. Katechis was not on the plan. I was so disappointed. I went on a plan but had a myriad of problems with the other office I attended, so now I’m back! Port Washington Dental Care is incredible. The entire staff is wonderful, and I regret even considering a change. I’ll be recommending Port Washington Dental Care to all my friends.
Paul W.
Who would have thought it is possible to be excited about going to the dentist? I found Port Washington Dental Care through online reviews, and I’m thankful I did. The office staff was very pleasant, and the facility had a modern feel. It wasn’t sterile like most dental offices. I haven’t gone to the dentist for about 2 years because of previous bad experiences, including pain and being pressured into buying services I didn’t need. As others have mentioned, they have top-of-the-line dental technology. I hate getting X-rays because they are normally uncomfortable, but I was pain-free at Port Washington Dental Care. The hygienist was meticulous and did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. In the past, I’ve been told I needed a deep cleaning in the past, but she said a traditional cleaning would be just fine. Dr. Tassos Katechis recommended I come back for regular cleanings. Awesome! See you in 6 months; I can’t wait.
Lisa W.
I had a great experience at Port Washington Dental Care. Everything, including the paperwork and the appointment itself, was streamlined and modern. This is not your average dental office. My dental hygienist was great. She explained everything in detail but didn’t engage in idle chit chat. Dr. Katechis was personable as well. The office manager was very kind and made me feel very welcome. I’d highly recommend Port Washington Dental Care.
Blessy B.
I’m new to the Port Washington area. At first, it was difficult to find a good dentist, but after visiting Port Washington Dental Care, I can say all the online reviews are correct. This place is great. I was pleasantly surprised to find that everything was ready to go when I got there. I was even able to do the forms in advance. The staff was incredibly friendly. They were gentle and did a great informing me of what was going on before it happened, which put me at ease. I love the convenient location. I’ll definitely be returning.
Andrew S.
Port Washington Dental Care has a great location with accessible parking. The staff was accommodating and personable. They take you back promptly so that you don’t have to spend all day waiting. You can make a lunchtime appointment and then go back to work. I’ve been a patient here for years. With all the 6 month cleanings I’ve had, I’ve never had a bad experience.
Cynthia D.
I’ve never written an online review, so I’ll do the best I can. I had such a great experience at Port Washington Dental Care that I wanted to share it with others. My visit was pleasant because: The office staff was really friendly when I scheduled my appointment, and the paperwork was convenient. Accessible parking The hygienist who did my checkup was incredibly kind. She put me at ease. I was reluctant to even go to the dental office for a long time, but she did an amazing job telling me what she was going to do before she did it. She almost made sure I was comfortable. They gave me excellent follow-up care instructions. I had an excellent follow-up visit with Dr. Katechis. The treatment was affordable. Overall, every aspect of care was great.
Jake N.
Port Washington Dental Care has a great location and a nice aesthetic. The high tech equipment and exceptional service make Port Washington Dental Care my top pick for a dentist. The hygienists are awesome. I get my teeth cleaned every 3 months, and they take great care of my teeth. I have only needed cleanings so far, but I’ve had a positive experience each visit. I know I’m in good hands.
Jordan M.
After moving to Port Washington, NY from NC, I found a great doctor, hairdresser, and more. Now I’ve found my top pick for my regular dentist. I chose Port Washington Dental Care for its convenient location because it’s by my office. Their advertising hooked me. I checked their online reviews and liked what I saw, so I decided to schedule an appointment. The facility is well-decorated. They file with your insurance company first and then tell you if you have a balance. There are no surprises, and they offer multiple ways to pay. They are also really good about sending reminders for upcoming appointments and have been very accommodating if I needed to change my existing appointment. All the hygienists are great!
Puzant C.
My first appointment at Port Washington Dental Care was great. The customer service was exceptional. Dr. Katechis greeted me personally when I arrived, which is a rare formality is these days. Scheduling an appointment couldn’t have been easier. The receptionists were so friendly and helpful. My dental hygienist was amazing. She demonstrated proper technique and had me watch in the mirror. Parking is convenient too. It’s right by where I live, so I don’t have to go out of my way. I was having problems with a crown. They gave me a paper referral and sent a picture to their partner. I’m so impressed. Everything was so easy, and the service was excellent. I’ll be coming back for sure.
Alaysha H.
I adore Port Washington Dental Care. Most people don’t look forward to going to the dentist, but for me, Dr. Tassos Katechis makes going to the dentist great. The entire staff is extremely professional and friendly. I would recommend Port Washington Dental Care to anyone who needs a new dentist. I can’t say enough good things about Port Washington Dental Care.
Alex S.
This is my first time writing an online review. I haven’t had a dental appointment in years. The staff at Port Washington Dental Care was very friendly. My hygienist was incredibly personable and did a great job explaining everything that was going on. I trust their advice and don’t feel as though they were trying to pressure me to pay for services I didn’t need. They’re the best dental office in Port Washington, NY.
Andy M.
I had a wonderful experience at Port Washington Dental Care when I went in for a cleaning and checkup. They listened to my concerns and answered my questions. I left knowing my teeth healthy and clean. I also like that Port Washington Dental Care has a good location in New York because it is close to where I work.
Paula R.
I was nervous to go to a new dentist in the Port Washington area, but my friend recommended Dr. Katechis, and I was able to schedule an appointment right away. The prices were comparable to other local dental offices, but they had a much better facility. Port Washington Dental Care also has a personable staff. I had such a positive experience.
Eddie C.
The best dentist I’ve ever been to is Dr. Katechis of Port Washington Dental Care. He doesn’t judge or pressure you. Instead, he does quick, gentle work. The office is really good at creating flexible payment plans, and the staff is incredibly nice. I intend to go back next year to get more work done. Follow-up edit: The temporary fillings last two weeks, which is beyond impressive, especially when you consider the tooth area he had to work with. Dr. Katechis is highly skilled. He made sure I was pain-free until I had my oral surgery to permanently fix the problem. The office he referred me to was amazing as well.
Kevin W.
Dr. Tassos Katechis of Port Washington Dental Care was incredibly professional. He does a great job of relieving your anxiety, which made my visit exceptional. Thanks! The hygienist who did my temporary cap was very informative. She told me everything she was doing and was very gentle throughout the whole process. Also, the receptionist at the front desk really knows how to work around patients’ busy schedules. She even tries to keep family appointments together. Thank you Port Washington Dental Care for such a positive experience. If you’re looking for a great dentist in the Port Washington, NY area, look no further than Dr. Katechis of Port Washington Dental Care.
Delilah D.
I love Dr. Katechis of Port Washington Dental Care. The office staff is wonderful, and the atmosphere is really inviting. I’ve never had to wait after checking in for an appointment. They are very efficient with their scheduling. Dr. Katechis attends to his patients’ needs by telling them what he is doing and why. I don’t really like going to the dentist, but I enjoy going to Port Washington Dental Care so much that I felt compelled to write a review.
Arnie D.
Our family has been going to Tassos Katechis for over 4 years. The waiting room is clean and so are the dental spaces. The staff is kind; they know exactly what they are doing, which makes for great preventative care. They care about their students and help them keep away those pesky cavities.
Jessica C.
I am a traveling Speech therapist who currently moves every few months for work. I found an online review of Port Washington Dental Care and scheduled an appointment. The receptionist was friendly and made the check-in process very easy. The hygienist was kind and engaging. The whole staff was very welcoming. I highly recommend!
Danielle S.
Most people don’t like going to the dentist. I decided to give Port Washington Dental Care a try and was shocked when Dr. Katechis personally called me the day after my root canal to check on me. He and his staff explained everything, which really put me at ease. Better yet, after losing a very visible crown (it was 20+ years old and done by a different dentist), they were able to get me in the same day to fix it. I opted of the following day, but I was so grateful that they tried to get me in ASAP. I’d highly recommend Dr. Katechis
Vic G.
I had the best experience at Port Washington Dental Care. The wonderful staff, including Dr. Katechis, knows their craft. My parents are actually dentists in California, so I am pretty familiar with dentistry. Dr. Katechis is very impressive. He isn’t the type of doctor who recommends unnecessary services. I’m definitely coming back! You should try Port Washington Dental Care if you need dental implants or oral surgery. You won’t be disappointed.
Patti K.
Port Washington Dental Care treats their patients well. From the friendly staff and clean environment to the knowledgeable dentists who perfect their craft, this is the place I recommend to all my family and friends. It doesn’t matter if you have a toothache or just need a cleaning, Port Washington Dental Care is the way to go. They have fair prices and do high quality work. Plus, they are informative. They let you know how your teeth are doing and what you can do to improve your overall dental health. I will absolutely suggest this Port Washington Dental Care to anyone looking for a dentist!
Lauren A.
You don’t have to dread going to the dentist. At Port Washington Dental Care, you get high quality dentistry. Whether the issue is big or small, they take care of all your dental needs, and they know how to make you feel relaxed.
Anka M.
I hate when you go to the dentist for a cleaning, and they find a cavity because usually, that means you have to go back a different day to get it drilled. Not at Port Washington Dental Care. My son had two cavities, and they offered to fill them that day. He was nervous, but they gave him some laughing gas and got to work. The staff was so friendly that he was soon at ease. I’m so happy with Port Washington Dental Care that I’ll be going there too.
Alisha S.
I may hate going to the Dentist, but I love the staff at Port Washington Dental Care. They make you feel comfortable and give great tips. I won’t go anywhere else as long as Port Washington Dental Care is in the picture. Thank you, Dr. Katechis. See you in six months!
Jae M.
I would 100% recommend Dr. Katechis. I was experiencing tooth pain, and other dentists couldn’t explain it. So, I decided to give Port Washington Dental a try and finally got answers. The staff is friendly and really knows their stuff. They also accommodate your needs well. I didn’t have an appointment, yet they were able to schedule me to come in half an hour later. They removed my tooth painlessly and placed a dental implant instead. It's like I never lost a tooth. Amazing! I’ll definitely continue to use Dr. Katechis!
Sandy T.
Port Washington Dental Care had excellent customer service. I really appreciated that they explained financial options before I even asked. The staff goes out of their way to accommodate busy clients. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.
Chuck C.
I received a reminder call about my appointment and was able to check in early, which was nice. I had x-rays plus a cleaning, which was straightforward. Dr. Katechis explained the state of my fillings. They also did a good job explaining the cost and what my insurance would cover.
Toni L.
You can’t ask for a better experience than what you receive from Dr. Katechis. He is a true professional--informative, patient, the very best! I’ve never looked forward to going to the dentist, but the entire staff here is so friendly that I love going to Port Washington Dental Care. I’ll go here as long as I live in New York. Thanks everyone!
Dana A.
I had a tooth fracture while I was in Port Washington. I was surprised that when I called before 8’clock my call was actually answered. I was in a bit of a hurry due to a work commitment, and the staff got me scheduled right away. I’m so grateful to Dr. Katechis. The whole staff was exceptional. As a medical professional myself, I know what to expect, and take it from me, these folks are true professionals. They are compassionate through the whole process. Thanks so much! I couldn’t have had a better experience!
Massiel Q.
I was in excruciating pain and Dr. Katechis of Port Washington Dental Care came in clutch. My usual dentist wasn’t available, but thankfully, Dr. Katechis was. Because of the excellent care I received, I have decided to switch practices. Port Washington Dental Care is now my go-to dental office.
Jason C.
My 8-year-old has multiple learning challenges, and Port Washington Dental Care is the best fit for us! Dr. Katechis is very relaxed, which put my daughter at ease when getting a tooth pulled plus 3 fillings. It is rare that she feels this comfortable. She was so happy she got a reward after her appointment, The receptionist printed out a very detailed explanation of our insurance coverage, including an itemized statement that listed the treatment plan for my daughter. She couldn’t have been more helpful. Overall, the staff is inviting and polite. It’s a child-friendly practice--the best I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else after receiving such care! Thank you!
Alyssa N.
Dr. Katechis and his assistant wouldn’t be any better! I always feel great after a cleaning. The staff is great, the absolute best!
Jennifer P.
I love Port Washington Dental Care. It’s clean, and the staff is so friendly. I love coming here for my regular cleanings. It’s the best!
Rich M.
I felt welcome as soon as I walked in for my cleaning appointment. After updating my paperwork, I went straight back for X-rays and my cleaning. The hygienist was so awesome! We created a plan to replace some old fillings, and now I’ll be going back every six months. Can’t wait!
Anthony L.
Dr. Katechis and his staff are exceptional. They did accurate X-rays. No need for multiple adjustments. No discomfort. Dr. Katechis was extremely professional and knowledgable. She provides excellent care. I’d highly recommend him without any reservation whatsoever. He is simply the best!
Stacie C.
I swear I become a little kid again when I go to the dentist. I normally hate it, but Dr. Katechis puts me at ease--by far the best dental experience I have ever had. He and his staff are wonderful. I couldn’t be happier. If you need dental care, look no further than Dr. Katechis.
Kyle L.
I love Dr. Katechis. I thought after getting x-rays, he’d just tell me what needed to be fixed, and I’d have to come back for multiple additional appointments, but instead, he was able to do the work the same day, including fixing a tooth that I had chipped years ago and have been hating ever since. The prices are reasonable. I didn’t think affordable dental care was possible for me, but it is! I’ll be back!
Elena A.
The staff at Port Washington Dental Care know their craft. I brought my 10-year-old son to see them, and he ended up needing multiple fillings and an extraction. The staff worked with my insurance company and were able to tell me the total cost right away. The prices were comparable to other dentists. Plus there were no surprises. My son had a positive experience. We’ll be coming back for all our family’s dental needs and will recommend them to friends.
Esther L.
Tassos Katechis and the entire staff are amazing. I’m a new patient and don’t really like going to the dentist. However, I enjoyed my visit and will definitely come back. I was relaxed and very well informed about every aspect of the process, including future treatment options. Thank you, Dr. Katechis.
Camilla F.
After relocating to New York, I needed a new dentist. I showed up to Port Washington Dental Care 50 minutes early to complete paperwork, and they were able to see me half an hour before my scheduled appointment time. Both the hygienist and Dr. Tassos Katechis did a fantastic job, really taking their time to address my concerns and make sure I was comfortable. I’ll be coming back! I highly recommend Port Washington Dental Care.
Suzanne F.
Dr. Tassos Katechis has an amazing staff who really provide top-of-the-line care. The receptionist was kind and welcoming. My hygienist was knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. I received a gentle cleaning. Dr. Katechis is a highly-skilled dentist and an overall genuine person who cares about his patients. As a military family, so we have been to multiple dentists, so I can say without a doubt that Dr. Katechis is one of the best! The facilities were well cared for, and it was easy to park.
Shai P.
I doubt anybody enjoys going to the dentist but Port Washington Dental Care will change your mind about everything you have experienced before in other places. It's easy to come here because these people are nice, the office is clean, an has the latest dental technology for comfort.
Emma L.
I've been going to Dr. Katechis in Port Washington Dental Care for over 3 years now and he's one of the best Dentists in Port Washington I've had the pleasure to meet. He's very meticulous and professional and has a great friendly staff. I know every time I have an appointment I am in good hands!
Anonymous Review
I am very much impressed by Dr. Katechis. It was my first time in this dental office in Port Washington, NY, and I was nervous about seeing a new doctor and being judged. I know I needed a tooth extraction from my previous dental visit at another place but I felt they were too aggressive about my procedures. The staff at this office made me feel more comfortable than I have ever been before. It was fast and painless they were done before I knew it. A day later they even checked in by calling me to see how I was doing. I recommend them to everyone I know.
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Unlike dental insurance, a direct dental plan with Dr. Katechis and Doctors Network is a membership that gives you access to significant discounts on almost all of our services. Everyone can join for a low monthly fee of $44.99 and a one-time activation fee of the equal amount. The cost of membership is typically a fraction of most dental insurance premiums.
Patients who sign up for a direct dental plan through our office in Port Washington can attend routine preventive exams and cleanings for only $25 per visit. This includes X-rays, when necessary, and the cost does not change no matter how many times you visit per year. When cosmetic or restorative treatment is required, the costs of your treatment will be discounted by up to 90%, including fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, Invisalign® and more.
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$2000 - 3000
Teeth Whitening
* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
Sign Up for a Direct Dental Plan with Dr. Katechis
Dr. Katechis, our team, and the experts at Doctors Network share the common goal of making dental care simpler, more affordable, and more attainable for all of our patients. Please note that a direct dental plan is not insurance, and is not designed to replace your existing coverage. We offer this direct dental plan to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and therefore maintain your oral health.
If you have questions about Doctors Network, or are ready to sign up, then contact Dr. Katechis at Port Washington Dental Care today, or call Doctors Network at 1-866-800-3168.
doctors network cost
Check-ups, x-rays & Cleanings
$35 - 65
Root Canals
$350 - 500
Dental Implants
$75 - $100
$2000 - 3000
Teeth Whitening
* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
General Dentistry for the Whole Family in Port Washington, NY
Routine family dentistry is as important to your smile as brushing and flossing your teeth. For instance, preventive appointments are necessary to evade oral health issues such as tooth decay and gingivitis. At our Port Washington, NY dental office, Dr. Katechis and our team offer a wide range of family dental services to help you enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles.
The Importance of General and Preventative Dentistry
For your smile as well as your physical well-being, prevention is vital. Therefore, the primary focus of general dentistry is preventing issues from developing. Besides practicing good hygiene, professional dental cleanings and exams help stop the accumulation of oral bacteria into plaque and tartar. Other treatments, such as teeth-whitening, clear braces, and treatment for teeth-grinding, can also help you address existing issues before they worsen.
Excellent Dental Health in the Long Run
At your general dentistry appointment, your dentist will carefully examine your teeth and gums for signs of trouble. Then he or she will recommend an appropriate course of treatment to stop the problem from growing worse. However, successfully protecting your smile from further trouble will still rely on ongoing general dental care.
Schedule a Visit with Your Port Washington General Dentist Today!
By helping you avoid serious dental issues, general dentistry is essential to maintaining your good oral health. To make an appointment, call Dr. Katechis's dental office in Port Washington, NY today at (516) 944-5300.
For more information please call 1-866-800-3168. Doctors Network is not Insurance, but a dental plan offered by dentists to reduce the cost of dental care for their patients.