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Aug 13, 2022
Even if you are in seemingly good health, it is important to visit your doctor once a year for a routine checkup. During this time, your doctor can examine your overall health and make suggestions that will keep you well. Not only can they make sure that everything is functioning well, but it is also a great time to ask them any lingering questions you may have. As with most things, it is preferable to catch potential issues before they develop further, and your yearly exam is the perfect time for your doctor to ensure that nothing is amiss. If there is, they can then offer treatment options to help remedy whatever is going on. At Doctors Network, we can help connect you to a healthcare professional in Indianapolis, IN who accepts individuals with no insurance.

Before going to your appointment, it is important to prepare. Don’t forget to write down any questions you may have, so you don’t forget to ask the doctor. If you think you might need other services like blood tests, you should inquire about those before your appointment. Please be sure to take a glance at your history, so you can address any questions your doctor may have. Similarly, make a list of any supplements you take. By having all this information ready, you are helping your Indianapolis family doctor provide better care to you.

During your checkup, your doctor will take your pulse, examine your lungs, feel your lymph nodes, examine your skin, and generally evaluate your well-being from head to toe. If your healthcare provider does find anything unusual, they will keep you fully informed and will recommend the appropriate treatment options for you. Because your doctor does such a meticulous examination, you can rest easy knowing that they will find any issues you might not be able to see on your own. If it has been a year since your last checkup, contact us, so we can help you find a Indianapolis physician that accepts individuals with no insurance.
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Casey G.
It was so easy to find a doctor and make an appointment. I didn't have to take hours to call different offices and find out who takes my insurance and who doesn't.
Rebecca B.
I'm a freelancer, so I can't buy insurance easily, so I always ended up paying a lot for doctors' visits. I signed up for a Doctors Network dental plan, and my dental cleanings cost only $25 now. If you don't have dental insurance I highly recommend it.
Malik C.
I fell off my bike and chipped my front tooth. I was able to find and book an appointment online right away. Next time I need an appointment I'll try Doctors Network again.

frequently asked questions


1. How can I find family physicians near me in Indianapolis who work with UnitedHealthcare insurance?

You can use Doctors Network's search tool to find a list of Indianapolis family physicians with great reviews near you who are in-network with UnitedHealthcare insurance.

2. Do family physicians around me in Indianapolis offer same-day appointments?

It is very possible. The good news is, you can utilize our search page to book appointments with family physicians in the Indianapolis area who offer same-day appointments. An appointmnet within 24-hours is usually available

3. Can I filter my search results for dentists or physicians in Indianapolis who are open on weekends?

You can certaily find family physicians in Indianapolis open on Saturdays and Sundays if one is near you. You can also use our calendar to book an appointment instantly!

4. Can I book an appointment with family physicians in Indianapolis?

Yes, you can find family physicians near Indianapolis on Doctors Network and request an appointment with the click of a button.

5. Can I find female owned family physicians in Indianapolis?

Yes, even though we do not provide a gender filter on Doctors Network, you can learn a lot about our Indianapolis healthcare providers by visiting their profile on Doctors Network.

6. What is the cost of a dental cleaning in Indianapolis?

The cost of a dental checkup and cleaning varies depending on the family physicians you select. However, you can save about 60-90% in most cases by signing up for a Doctors Network membership plan. Under this plan, Checkups and cleanings cost only $25.

7. If I am looking for family physicians in Indianapolis, what kind of information can I get on Doctors Network?

You can access,
 • Patient reviews
 • Available appointment times
 • Doctor's relevant information including photos


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