Jose Abadin, DDS


504 Biltmore Way, 

Coral Gables, FL 33134 4.21 miles away

(305) 783-3750

Dr. Jose Abadin was raised in Miami where he attended Christopher Columbus High School. In 1984, he earned his B.S. at Creighton University and in 1988, his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Abadin attended a one-year post-graduate advanced training in dentistry at the Dade County Dental Research Clinic. He has run a private practice in the Miami/Coral Gables area since. His areas of concentration are cosmetic and family dentistry, Invisalign, implant dentistry, and CEREC (Cad/Cam technology).

From around the world, patients seek out Dr. Abadin for his expertise at our new state-of-the-art facility. He is also a member of the Align Tech/Invisalign faculty, and he helps train dentists all over North America. Always elevating his knowledge of modern dentistry. Dr. Abadin is one of the first dentists in the South Florida area to provide “One-Visit Crown Dentistry.” Additionally, he provides teeth replacement using dental implants.

Because of his vast experience and knowledge in Invisalign, Dr. Abadin has received Diamond Invisalign provider status, putting him in the top 1% of North America’s Invisalign providers. He is also the president of the Prestigious Galler Group and a Board Member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners.

Dr. Abadin performs both the surgical and restorative phases of the implant placement, which is rare and most of the time, in a single appointment using his state-of-the-art, 3D printing. Because of his vast experience and knowledge in this area of dentistry, Dr. Abadin is a faculty of the prestigious 3D Implant Institute.

Professional Affiliations:

 • Faculty & Speaker - Invisalign (Align Technology)
 • KOL (Board member) - American Academy of Clear aligners
 • Fellow - American Academy of Clear Aligners
 • Faculty & Speaker - 3D Implant Institute

Dr. Abadin at Abadin Dental specializes in providing high-quality cosmetic and family dentistry to the residents of Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami, and Miami. We provide only five-star dental care because we know you deserve excellence with every dental visit.


Jeffrey Kane, DDS


18999 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 210, 

Aventura, FL 33180 12.2 miles away

(305) 466-1444

Dr. Jeffrey Kane, born and raised in Miami, Florida, grew up in a dental family, and he pursued his dream of becoming a dentist, as did his father and grandfather. Dr. Jeffrey completed his college and dental school training at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania following in their footsteps. He has been practicing dentistry in the Miami community for over three decades, and his dental practice focuses on very complex rehabilitation cases and full-mouth restorations.

Dr. Jeffrey had multidisciplinary training to surgically place and restore dental implants, which provided a unique set of skills in the treatment planning and restoration of complex dental implant cases all in one place. He obtained Mastership and Diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology, the largest dental implant organization in the world.

Dr. Jeffrey volunteers monthly as a Co-Chairman of the Robert Morgan Educational Center, Department of Dental Implants, and he feels very fortunate to have been able to practice what he loves with his brother and father.


Jasmine Mabjeesh, DMD


9275 sw 152nd st #206, 

Miami, FL 33157 13.46 miles away

(305) 233-3922

Dr. Jasmine Mabjeesh completed her undergraduate studies in the wonderful city of Miami, Fl and went on to mastering the art of dentistry in the mountains of Morgantown, WV where she went to dental school. She first started practicing in the city of Palm Bay, Fl, and then moved back to the sunny Miami, Fl. She currently provides dental treatment to her family of patients in the Palmetto Bay area of Florida as a holistic dentist in Miami. She is passionate about holistic health and nutrition.

Dr. Mabjeesh and the TranscenDENTAL Studio staff in the city of Miami, Fl, in the Palmetto Bay region, help serve, deliver, and treat their amazing patients with the utmost quality and care. They provide a different approach to general and holistic dentistry by taking into account your whole body health and by using the most biocompatible dental materials in their work, as well as providing nutritional counseling, to help their patients achieve better oral hygiene. Schedule your visit online and let us help you achieve a higher form of health!


Alex Semidey, DMD, FIDIA


4800 SW 64th Ave, Ste 101, 

Davie, FL 33314 19.16 miles away

(954) 581-0120

Dr. Alex Semidey was born in South Florida and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He returned home to the Miami area to complete his high school and undergraduate studies. In 2010, Dr. Semidey received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). He prefers to be called Alex by his patients, and he considers dentistry a craft. By implementing the newest dental technologies and attending continuing education programs, he remains one step ahead of the game. It is obvious that doing things the right way is his philosophy.

At Semidey Dental, when you arrive at your appointment, you are greeted by name and treated right on time. In the treatment room, you get a choice of your favorite music, and at the end of your visit, a warm lavender towel is waiting for you.


Stephanie Diaz, DMD


833 Coral Ridge Drive, 

Coral Springs, FL 33071 31.89 miles away

(954) 376-8953

When visiting Diaz Smile, you can expect only top-quality dental care in a very comfortable environment with a friendly dentist and staff. Our experienced Coral Springs dentist, Dr. Stephanie Diaz DMD and her staff listen to the patients’ needs to provide them with customized and gentle care. At Diaz Smile, your local Coral Springs dental office, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional dental care for our patients!

What sets us apart:

 • State-of-the-art dental practice
 • Well-designed dental office to create a private and comfortable atmosphere
 • Commitment to treating every patient like a family member
 • Bilingual staff (English and Spanish)
 • Invisalign preferred provider

Dr. Diaz is a South Florida native. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. She was always interested in science, so she majored in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry. She received her degree as Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL. She is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Florida Dental Association (FDA), and the Gold Coast Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Diaz regularly attends continuing education programs to stay current with the latest dental technology and methods. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family.


Michael Gertsen, DMD, MS


3640-7 N Federal Hwy, Suite 126, 

Lighthouse Point, FL 33064 34.72 miles away

(954) 941-6108

Michael Gertsen’s practice FL Dental Spa is located in Lighthouse Point, Florida in Venetian Isles Shopping Center. FL Dental Spa serves patients from the greater Broward County in addition to the surrounding area, including Boca Raton and Miami Beach.

Dr. Gertsen provides a wide array of services including general, preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. He is dedicated to making patients feel comfortable and helping them understand their current oral health and future treatment goals when they choose his practice.

Dr. Gertsen completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville, followed by a master’s in Biomedical Science from Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Gertsen obtained his degree in dental medicine from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Helpful Posts

Doctors Network
Mar 25, 2023

Oral health declines when we lose natural teeth. Obviously, there are problems with eating a variety of meals. Even speaking clearly could be a problem. However, the major problem is the loss of mass and density in the jaw. This weakens the jaw, and could even cause patients to look older. More importantly, this limits dental implant placement. Additional treatments could be necessary to strengthen the jaw in order to make tooth replacement possible! Fortunately, Doctors Network could link you to a local Miami oral surgeon who is in-network with discount dental plans and provides jawbone grafting. In addition, we could also discuss our membership program to make dental care affordable!

Jawbone grafting is also referred to as ridge augmentation. Essentially this enables the dentist to preserve the ridge in your mandible. Your dentist could use a number of different options. Tissue could be taken from the back of the jaw or the hip. Donor materials like bovine bone could be employed as well. We could also recommend synthetic materials. Through oral surgery, these are applied to the areas of weakened structure in the mandible.

Once the area heals, biocompatible dental implants could be placed. The body will allow them to bond with the jaw. As a result, they help prevent any further breakdown in the jaw, protecting facial structure. Our team can connect you to a dentist in Miami, FL who offers this surgical procedure, and also let you know about our membership plan to make sure your treatment fits in your budget!

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Doctors Network
Mar 22, 2023

When you have a toothache, or a tooth that is damaged, you need treatment. Otherwise, the tooth could develop a decay and infections. Soon, there is a risk of not only missing teeth, but a spread of infection to other teeth. But sometimes, the cavity is beyond the stage to be treated with a restoration. Instead, the tooth could require immediate extraction. At Doctors Network, our team can help you book a visit with a great dentist in Miami, FL who can provide a gentle tooth removal as needed.

As we touched on above, severe cavities or injury could be why a tooth needs extraction. But a dentist could also remove one that is loosened by periodontitis. Taking out a tooth could improve bite balance and chewing function. Extraction could also provide room for orthodontic treatment! In many cases, this could prevent the negative impact of wisdom tooth eruption. Removing wisdom teeth prior to eruption helps preserve the balance and smile beauty. For people with advanced tooth loss, removing the last few teeth essentially paves the way for full or partial dentures. Your Miami dentist could use this to improve the function, health, and even the beauty of your smile.

Now that you understand when a tooth may require removal, how do you seek care for one? Well, as mentioned above Doctors Network can find a general dentist in the Miami, FL area. But if you don’t have a dental plan, you may worry about costs. Fortunately, we have a payment plan! Our dental membership plan is opened with an initial fee and maintained with a low monthly cost. For some, this could cut the cost of care by up to 90%!

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Doctors Network
Mar 21, 2023

Tooth loss could lead to major issues for your smile. For example, this could impact your meal options, or how clearly you can talk. But the most severe complication is the loss of integrity in the jaw. The body suspends the flow of phosphate and calcium to the areas without roots, which in turn causes bone loss and the loss of youthful facial structure and weakens the jaw significantly. Which means you may not be able to receive dental implants to address lost teeth. But Doctors Network can connect you with a dentist in Miami, FL who can shore up your jaw.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, a jawbone grafting procedure helps strengthen the lower jaw, so it can support dental implants. But what about the the upper area? Instead of adding new tissue, your Miami dentist could perform a sinus lift. Essentially, the dentist will raise the sinus floor to induce the formation of new tissues. The new structure can support your new implants. Once the new teeth are secured, this stimulates the growth of bone tissue to keep your jaw secure. Your new teeth can then last for decades to come, possibly even a lifetime.

If you need to strengthen your weakened jawbone to support new teeth, we could help. Our team can connect you with a Miami, FL oral surgeon who can provide these services and takes patients without dental insurance. When your smile is strengthened and ready, dental implants could provide a full smile again. If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t let this stand between you and optimal oral health. Instead, talk to our team about our financing option. With our Direct Dental Plan, you can have treatments discounted by as much as 90% in some situations. A full smile is possible again!

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Doctors Network
Mar 21, 2023

According to studies by the Centers for Disease Control, over half of adults ages 30 and older suffer from poor periodontal health. Without treatment, this condition could lead to painful symptoms, including bleeding gums. The advanced stage, also known as periodontitis, could also cause tooth loss. This is why care from a Miami dental professional is necessary when you begin to notice red, sore, and bleeding gums. We can help by connecting you to one that accepts patients without dental insurance. After all, we all benefit from routine dental care!

How does the gum disease start? The early stages of periodontitis could occur due to poor oral hygiene habits. Others could develop it due to infrequent dental cleanings, or due to inflammatory illness, certain medications, tobacco use, or even a family history of the disease. As we touched on above, warning signs include sore, red, and bleeding gums. By seeing a dentist in Miami, FL you can receive periodontal treatments like pocket reduction surgery to bring relief and improve your oral health. These options could be accepted by insurance plans.

If you feel concerned, or if you simply haven’t been to a dentist in the last six months, you should schedule a visit. At Doctors Network, we can make sure you find dentists in Miami who accept patients without dental insurance. Strong periodontal health is always possible, and we can help facilitate this process!

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Doctors Network
Mar 14, 2023

You probably know a lot of people who have had their wisdom teeth extracted and are eager to describe their story to you. While this can be helpful, it is still necessary to consult with a oral surgeon. If you need these teeth pulled, it is best to have a wide range of information at your disposal. This will help you understand what to expect from wisdom teeth extraction and what you should look for in a dentist. Luckily, Doctors Network can help you connect with a great oral surgeon near you in Miami, FL that accepts self-pay patients.

Wisdom teeth are located in the back of your mouth, and there are two on the top and two on the bottom. They typically appear between seventeen and twenty-five. Because they are the last adult teeth, their presence can cause problems with your existing ones. They can erupt at unusual angles, only partially erupt, or overcrowd your current teeth. When this occurs, they are likely to succumb to bacteria and infections. If any of these conditions take place, it can be very painful and can affect your existing teeth. If you think you might have issues with wisdom teeth eruption, it is important to see a Miami dentist or oral surgeon hastily.

If you need wisdom tooth removal, your doctor will determine how they will go about the removal to make sure everything goes according to the plan. They will decide how many of your teeth need to be removed and how complex it will be. They will also assess the appropriate type of sedation and the condition of your existing teeth and nerve. Once they ascertain these details, they can extract your wisdom teeth more easily. When you come in for the procedure, you will receive the appropriate anesthesia option, so you will not feel discomfort. Your dentist will extract your teeth and monitor you the entire time to make sure you are ok. Once your wisdom teeth are pulled, you will be provided with information about the recovery period. Fortunately, there are many Miami dentists that accept self-pay patients and can skillfully remove your wisdom teeth.

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Doctors Network
Feb 23, 2023

Have you experienced popping or cracking when you open your mouth? Do you have frequent headaches or jaw pain? If so, this could be related to two common jaw joint issues. Around twenty-five million people in the United States suffer from TMD and teeth grinding. Without treatment, these could not just cause jaw pain, but actually damage the teeth too! Fortunately, your friends at Doctors Network can find the right dental professional in Miami, FL who accepts patients with no insurance.

While very different from one another, one often increases the risk of the other. TMJ disorder develops when the the temporomandibular joints become strained. This could cause problems opening and closing the mouth fully. Common symptoms include pain in the head and neck. Bruxism means you suffer from nightly teeth grinding. The pressure of clenching could cause jaw pain and headaches. Teeth grinding could also fracture or break your teeth. This damage could lead to decay, infection, and more. Both disorders could be caused by issues that upset bite balance, and untreated TMJ disorder could mean eventual teeth grinding, and vice-versa. When you have frequent discomfort in your head and neck, you should find help. We can even connect you with a dentist in Miami who accepts patients with no insurance.

Treatment options often vary; for some, relief is possible following dental bonding, which improves bite balance. For others, treating misalignment with Invisalign could ease strain and stop symptoms. The most common option offered by most dentists is an oral appliance, which fits like a night-guard. If you need to find treatment from a Miami dentist. then contact our team!

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