Dental Conditions and Your Health

Your oral health is a window into the state of your overall wellbeing, and many systemic health issues are detected early during dental examinations. Oral-systemic health, however, involves more than just oral symptoms of systemic diseases. When certain oral health conditions are present, they can interfere with your body’s vital functions and increase your risks of chronic health issues. Because of this connection, neglecting proper dental care can lead to a number of serious health complications beyond tooth loss and poor dental health. In fact, poor oral health is a significant factor in many of the most serious, potentially fatal systemic health issues.

One of the most impactful oral-systemic connections is the influence that periodontal inflammation and disease can have on your body. Rampant inflammation is a common risk factor in many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and rheumatic heart disease. The longer periodontal disease is present, the greater the chance that unchecked inflammation can raise your risk of chronic inflammatory diseases. Besides periodontal disease, the excess of oral bacteria (a result of inadequate hygiene) can also lead to a number of other health issues.

When you take good care of your smile, its health and appearance are rewards of their own. However, the benefits of good oral health also include a higher quality of life thanks to the absence of dental discomfort, the ability to enjoy the foods you love, and the confidence of knowing that your smile is in good shape. Thanks to the oral-systemic connection, those benefits also include reduced risks of experiencing chronic health issues as you grow older.