Oral Tissue Lacerations

Not all dental emergencies and trauma involve damage to your teeth. In some cases, the soft tissues that surround your teeth and make up your oral cavity may suffer damage, such as lacerations, that require expert treatment as soon as possible. If not addressed promptly, oral tissue lacerations can pose an increasing threat to your oral health, and may become infected by harmful oral bacteria. To prevent more serious oral health complications, you should schedule an emergency dental visit as soon as possible if you notice bleeding or sensitivity that could indicate compromised oral tissues.

Treatment Options

Because of the intricate nature of your oral tissues and the way they heal, treating oral tissue lacerations often falls within the realm of oral/maxillofacial surgery. As specialists in dealing with complex oral health issues, oral surgeons can provide expert, minimally invasive solutions to repairing compromised soft tissues and ensuring the long-term integrity of your oral health. To make treatment easier and more comfortable, your surgeon may suggest an appropriate level of sedation during your treatment.