Molar Root Canals

Unlike front teeth, molars have more than one root (sometimes up to three). When a molar is internally infected, the tooth pain is multiplied by the fact that molars incur the majority of your bite pressure. Molar root canal treatment alleviates the discomfort and also restores your ability to properly bite and chew your food while allowing you to retain your natural tooth.

Endodontists are specially equipped to deal with infected molar root canals, and offer the best chance of preserving a maximum amount of the tooth. Multiple roots can pose several concerns, but may also prove beneficial if your endodontist can preserve the healthy root canal. Seeking the expertise of an endodontist also reduces the risk of molar root canal treatment failure and the need for further restorative treatment later on.

What is the cost of a root canal on a molar tooth?

The average cost of molar root canal treatment is $1000 - $1500 or higher, depending on the dentist, and they are typically covered at 50% - 80% plus the deductible by dental insurance. But with a general dentist in Doctors Network, the cost is only $500.