Retreatment of Root Canals

With proper care, root canal treatment can last for life, but in some cases, the tooth may not heal correctly or the treatment may fail years down the line. Fortunately, root canal retreatment may be able to save the tooth even if its previous restoration has failed. An endodontic specialist will carefully examine the tooth, its previous restoration, and the extent of the failure. Then, your specialist will discuss the possibility of saving the tooth with endodontic retreatment.

While root canal restorations may fail for a variety of reasons, the most common are:

  • Irregularly shaped teeth roots (such as curved or narrow roots).
  • A delay between endodontic treatment and restoration with a crown.
  • Improper treatment caused re-infection of the tooth.
  • Traumatic injury damages the restoration.

If your root canal treatment fails, then seeking the expertise of an endodontist offers the best chances of restoring the tooth’s health and integrity and preventing the need for tooth extraction.

What is the cost of a root canal retreatment?

The average cost of root canal retreatment is upwards of $1,000, depending on the dentist. But with a general dentist in Doctors Network, the cost is only $400 (for front teeth) to $600 (for molars).