Fluoride Treatment

In addition to dental sealants, which provide a protective barrier over teeth, pediatric dentists also often recommend fluoride treatments, which bolster the strength of the tooth enamel that protects teeth. Fluoride is a mineral that bonds to the other minerals that make up tooth enamel, such as calcium and phosphate. When enamel grows weak, tooth decay typically isn’t far behind, but fluoride treatments can increase your child’s chances of preventing a cavity from ever forming.

Under normal circumstances, tooth enamel is the most resilient substance that our bodies produce. But it only remains strong as long as it is healthy and your teeth are adequately stocked with minerals and nutrients. Oral bacteria attack enamel by producing lactic acid that weakens enamel and saps minerals from your teeth, making it difficult for the enamel to remineralize. Before long, oral bacteria can slip past weakened enamel and infect the healthy tooth structure.

Fluoride helps boost weak enamel by bonding to the weakened mineral layers, fortifying the protective layer against harmful oral bacteria. Your child’s dentist can apply a topical fluoride solution directly to their teeth during a routine checkup and cleaning appointment, and no follow up is needed until your child’s next checkup.

What is the cost of a topical fluoride treatment?

The average cost of fluoride treatment is $50. But with a general dentist or a pediatric dentist in Doctors Network, the cost is only $10.