Intraoral X-Rays

Intraoral X-rays provide a clear view of your underlying oral structures (i.e., teeth, roots, and jawbone). The images, which are captured with a bitewing appliance placed inside of the mouth, are integral to routine dental care, diagnostic analysis, and treatment planning. Digital intraoral X-rays offer more precise results than film-based radiography, and are safer for patients due to a 90 percent reduction in radiation emission. Routine preventative dental care includes yearly intraoral X-rays to maintain updated records, and to determine if impending dental issues may need restorative treatment or intervention.

When planning restorative and reconstructive dental procedures, intraoral X-rays can also be used to capture highly precise images and measurements. The images allow your dentist and other oral health specialists to view your teeth and oral structures in more detail, and create custom restorations designed according to your unique specifications. The benefits of digital intraoral X-rays include:

  • A safer X-ray procedure, even for children.
  • A quicker visit thanks to nearly immediate results.
  • Greater collaboration between dentist and patient while viewing images together on a chair-side monitor.

  • Improved oral health care through more precise diagnostic imaging.