Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic dental X-rays capture the entire mouth in one image, including all teeth and both the upper and lower jawbone. Instead of utilizing a bitewing appliance inside of the mouth, the film is contained inside of the panoramic X-ray machine for a more comfortable procedure. Panoramic X-rays make it easier for your dentist to spot advanced periodontal disease, impacted third molars (wisdom teeth), disorders of the jaw, and hard-to-spot cysts or growths during your dental examination.

Panoramic X-ray imaging also allows your dentist to produce any pattern of movement required and to focus only on areas of interest to reduce radiation exposure, while providing highly detailed, high-resolution diagnostic images. The benefits of using panoramic X-rays include:

  • Improved comfort by allowing patients to stand or sit, and only requiring a single image capture.
  • A quicker visit thanks to a faster X-ray technique that requires fewer steps.
  • More effective infection control through the use of removable bite block sleeves.