Preventative Procedures

Good health relies heavily on prevention. Therefore, preventative dental procedures are the cornerstone of keeping your oral and overall health in optimal shape. Inadequate preventative measures fail to stop oral bacteria from accumulating and causing common dental concerns, including tooth infection and severe periodontitis (gum disease). In addition to excellent hygiene practices at home, preventative dentistry is also necessary to control this accumulation, as well as spot other concerns that could grow worse without prompt treatment.

Preventative dental experts utilize a wide array of experience and advanced technology to thoroughly clean away plaque and tartar—the byproduct of oral bacterial accumulation. Advanced digital imaging technology grants the dentist a highly precise and detailed image of your teeth, roots, jawbone, and complete oral structures to guide your diagnosis and preventative treatment plan. Working together with your dentist, you can more effectively maintain good oral health and avoid extensive, more costly procedures to correct severe, progressive dental issues.